Style and Beauty of Kanwal Malik Jugan Luxury Formals

Style and Beauty of Kanwal Malik Jugan Luxury Formals

Kanwal Malik is a fashion house founded in 2018 in Pakistan. Elaborate silhouettes, intricate detailing, and a wealth of luxurious evening, Pakistani wedding dresses and bridal wear led to early success. Kanwal Malik's design philosophy is very unique and different and one of the famous Pakistani fashion brands in the UK

Kanwal Malik fashion

The brand is known for its exquisite designs and craftsmanship, Kanwal Malik fashion trends catering to the needs of fashion-conscious people. attractive color contrasts, blush powder tones, and contemporary and unusual cuts combine to create unique pieces that are absolutely beautiful in every ensemble. It can stand on its own.

Kanwal Malik Designer

Kanwal Malik's fashion brand aims to create unique and stylish items that reflect the latest fashion trends while maintaining traditional elegance. Latest collection of Luxury wedding wears Jugan Luxury Jugan Luxury Pret is exclusive elegant and out of the crowd bridal and wedding wear dresses to enjoy Pakistani weddings and events.  

Kanwal Malik clothing

Be it bridal ensembles or casual outfits, Kanwal Malik's fashion brand offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and occasions. The brand's designs of Jugan Luxury Formals collection are known for their versatility, incorporating both traditional and contemporary elements to create a fashion-forward look. Lets have a deep look in this beautifull collection.


With our Ferozi Korean Rawsilk dress, dive into elegance. This enthralling outfit, plunged in the charming shade of ferozi, weds the luxuurious feel of Korean Rawsilk with a stylish chooridaar, promising an outline that dazes. It’s matched with an organza complex Jaal Dupatta, enhanced with entrancing examples that add a dash of ethereal beauty. Be prepared to capture everyone's attention and stir things up at each occasion!

Kanwal Malik Pakistan-HoorainUK


Step into the spotlight with our dark Twin-sequined Korean Rawsilk Outfit - an immortal mix of custom and contemporary stylish. Made from extravagant korean crude silk, the troupe flaunts a rich dark tone, radiating complexity and beauty. The twin-sequined tilla weaving adds a hint of lavishness, getting the attention with each development. Matched flawlessly with a chooridaar, this outfit guarantees a complimenting outline that easily improves your ladylike appeal. The ethereal Organza Twin-Sequined Panni Jaal Dupatta, adorned with intricate sequined patterns that produce a mesmerizing play of light and shadow, will elevate your look even further. This troupe isn't simply an outfit; It makes a bold statement and is ideal for weddings, festive events, or any other special occasion where you want to be elegant and stand out.

Black Long Wedding Dress


Wrap yourself in richness with our fuchsia twin-sequined Korean Crude silk shalwar kameez - a festival of dynamic polish. A mesmerizing ensemble that effortlessly blends tradition and modernity is created by the rich magenta color and twin-sequined detailing. Finishing the troupe is the organza formed dupatta, a magnum opus of complicated plan that adds an ethereal touch. This outfit is something other than dress; its a festival of custom and contemporary class, perefect for saying something at any sopecial event. Embrace the dynamic quality of red and the complexity of twin sequins - your key to a charming, head-turning look.

Shalwar Kameez-Hoorain UK


Relax in the daylight of style with our Yellow Sleeveless Korean Crude Silk Shirt matched with Weaved Sharara Jeans and an Organza Dupatta highlighting expanded pallu borders. This group is an orchestra of energy and polish, with the sleeveless yellow shirt transmitting unadulterated euphoria. The weaved sharara pants add a hint of refinement, while the Organza Dupatta with broadened pallu borders makes a staggering visual effect. It's not only an outfit; it's an assertion of enthusiastic appeal and refined taste. Lift your design game with this group that catches the embodiment of summer in each join. Make heads turn and hearts vacillate with the ideal mix of radiant yellow, many-sided weaving, and the smooth influence of organza

Yellow Fabric


Release lively polish with our Parrot Korean Rawsilk Gathering. This shocking group, in the vivacious shade of parrot green, consolidates the luxury feel of korean rawsilk with a stylish chooridaar for a complimenting outline is matched with an organza multifaceted Jaal Dupatta, enhanced with hypnotizing designs that raise your style game. Ideal for the people who set out to captivate everyone, this gathering is a festival of custom and current charm. Prepare to blow some people's minds and say something at any event!

Mustard Pakistani Suit


Plunge into an ocean of polish with our Blue-green Velvet Short Shirt matched with Korean Crude Silk Sharara Jeans, a mix of extravagance and conventional charm. The rich blue-green velvet shirt radiates lavishness, while the Korean crude silk sharara pants add a bit of present day effortlessness to the outfit is Kanwal Malik style. Finishing the look is the Created Organza Jaal Dupatta, a magnum opus of multifaceted design that wraps gently, adding an ethereal appeal to Pakistani designer clothing UK. This troupe isn't simply an outfit; it's a festival of immortal style and refinement. With the plush feel of velvet, the chic silhouette of sharara pants, and the enchantment of organza, make an entrance that captivates. Lift your design game with this troupe that characterizes class.

Navy Blue velvet Pakistani Dress


Enjoy the lively appeal of our Stunning Pink sleeveless short shirt matched with weaved Sharara Jeans for a look that emanates present day enchant. The vivacious shade of stunning pink adds a strong and fun loving touch, while the unpredictable weaving on the sharara pants imbues a touch of complexity. It is the to Finish the outfit Organza Jaal Dupatta, including a fragile and dazzling example that adds a touch of ethereal elegance. This troupe is intended for the individuals who look for an ideal mix of contemporary style and customary artfulness. Make every step a statement of elegance by embracing the sleeveless silhouette and the dynamic charm of shocking pink. Raise your design game with this group that catches consideration and esteem easily.

Pink Pakistani Wear


With our Korean Raw Silk Red Pishwas of Pakistani fashion UK, an Organza Dupatta, a Chooridaar, and a celebration of timeless elegance, ignite passion and grace. The regal allure of the Pishwas's bold red contrasts with the traditional chooridaar's silhouette, evoking sophistication. Hung carefully finished the gathering is the Organza Dupatta, upgrading the look with its sheer excellence and unobtrusive effortlessness. This ensemble, which pays homage to both style and tradition, is ideal for formal occasions when you want to stand out. Take center stage in red's vibrant hue, chooridaar's timeless appeal, and organza's ethereal touch. With this ensemble that embodies the essence of refined grace, make every moment one to remember.



Release the appeal of style in our Container Green Front Open Velvet Shirt matched with Korean Crude Silk Culottes, an orchestra of complexity and contemporary stylish. The extravagant velvet, in rich jug green tint, wraps you in plushness, while the Korean crude silk culottes carry a hint of present day style to conventional appeal. The Organza Dupatta adds an ethereal layer of grace to this mesmerizing ensemble with its sheer beauty. Make a statement with grace and style that has stood the test of time. Raise your closet with the lavishness of jug green, the rich feel of velvet, and the charm of organza. Step into a universe of fabulousness and balance with this troupe that vows to stop people in their tracks.

Bottle Green Pakistani Party Wear


Navy Blue Korean Rawsilk dress of Kanwal Malik collection Jugan Luxury Pret - A harmonious blend of contemporary flair and tradition. Made in the rich profundity of naval force blue korean rawsilk, this troupe oozes refinement. Matched with a chooridaar, it guarantees a complimenting outline that stands apart with immortal beauty. Adding a dash of charm is the organza Dupatta with expanded pallu borders, a lovely piece that wraps exquisitely, making a dazzling look. This gathering is in excess of an outfit; its an assertion of refined taste and understatwed extravagance. This enchanting ensemble is perfect for special occasions and will make a lasting impression.

Navy Blue jugan kanwal malik

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