About us

We founded in 2000 as a production unit for real Pakistani clothing (not replicas) “modern but modest”. We are very proud to provide years of excellent customer service, premium quality products and style that give a good taste of artfully designed women’s clothing with a range of bright colours, patterns, embroidery styles, and style. Pakistani fashion at an affordable price and its high premium quality. And we will work hard to satisfy the designer feelings of our customers with our large collections that will allow them to buy anything at any time. Our wide variety of clothing brands can be delivered anywhere in the World.


We endeavour to give the best top-notch sewing services for multiple Pakistani designer wear brands, great worth items, the best accessible selections, and the highest level of comfort.


It is probably the best client-driven company for Pakistani designer wear around the globe. Where clients can find anything, they could very much want to wear, hassle free shopping with 24/7 online support.