Most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Delivery time?

Delivery time is 14-18 working days and it’ll exclude ends of the week and Fright Delays.

Reasons for postponing the delivery of my Order?

Easy shipping depends on stock access and instalment approvals. In some cases, we may require a certain type of instalment confirmation or sources to deal with the request.

Delivery charges?

We offer free shipping Services for UK and Pakistan Only, for Worldwide shipping the delivery charges are calculated at checkout and Non Refundable.

Is there any chance to parting the request for a good measure of the inaccessibility of the piece of Order?

We usually ship the requested items in one request internally and externally. In addition, in the event of a change of client will be notified. Also, installments will be changed in the same way.

Do you offer International Shipping?

We ship worldwide via our couriers via DHL, DX and SkyNet Services.

Can I really check the Shipping status?

All items displayed on Hoorain.uk are shipped through stockrooms in Pakistan and the UK through a transaction that is supposed to be courier and upon delivery, the client will be notified via the Tracking ID by email. The client can actually check the status of shipment by logging in to the courier site.

Does the shipping cost include transportation?

We offer free shipping throughout the UK and Pakistan. Worldwide shipping the delivery charges are calculated at checkout.

Is each item suitable for international Shipping?

All items available on our Site are shipped locally and globally.

Is the cost specified on your site is for stitched and unstitched suits?

We sell stitched dresses only and the cost specified on our Site is for stitched dresses (we don’t sell unstitched suits).

How do I know how much my order costs?

You will understand all the costs of your order on the exit page and you will receive a confirmation email with full details of your order, including shipping costs.

The cost shown is correct for what currency?

The cost on our site is reflected in the currency of the country, where the site is being watched.

Can I cancel my Order?

Indeed, you will submit your cancelation request within 24 hours. After 24 hours we are not able to cancel your order because the order pass through many processes in production and that cant be stopped.

Can I add items to the current order?

Shockingly, it is difficult to combine orders.

Can I suggest changes to the order?

You will definitely email us at info@hoorain.uk or on WhatsApp +447440739462

Will I ask for something in advance?

You can definitely contact us on our WhatsApp +447440739462, via email info@hoorain.uk or via web chat

How can I make an instalment?

The following are some of the instalments you can get to earn: Cards (PayPal, Visa Debit / Credit, Master Debit / Credit, Clear pay, Klarna, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and American Express).

Global liability and cost?

In just a few cases where customer orders around the world are held by local custom authorities, and where the cost of customs should be borne by the client.

Return and Exchange?

After receiving the item if there is any problem with the dress, customer is advised to inform Hoorain Designer Wear within 24 hour for processing of the return and exchange claim. we will not entertain any return and exchange request afterwards. Return and Exchange Claim Processing time is 14 days. We offer Exchange and Store Credit only, we don’t do refunds at all.

Return outside Return Period?

In the event that such products are as yet sent back to us without informing us within 24 hours after receiving the item, we reserved the legitimate of not offering a return. We would in such a situation had the chance to send the item back to client which of them will bring about a further delivery charges which may be payable by the client upon demand.

Return Quality Check?

On the off chance that you mean to return a buy product you are mindful to deal with our merchandise, all items will be quality assessed after being gotten by us. So if its not too much trouble, cease from harming the items.

Return Processing?

A return happens in circumstance of deficient or an erroneous thing is gotten by the client. A return will be prepared provided that the thing sent back to Hoorain Designer Wear isn’t harmed by the purchaser and has not been utilized.

Return Postage?

We do not offer any return postage to customers. Customer will pay the return postage.

Credit Voucher or Exchange?

We have two options of return claims, one of them is replacement and other one is store credit which will be emailed to customer within 5 days.

Sales, Custom Made and Wedding Wears?
  • Hand crafted and Sale things cant be returned.
  • Custom made articles are non returnable.
  • Heavy Formals, Bridals are not in stock items, they are made to measure.
    products either standard either custom size and are non-returnable non exchangeable, because product is purchased and processed when customer makes an order online and its a make to measure order.
Nature of Goods?

Larger piece of our things are hand weaved and therefore fragile in their uses while having 5 to 10% assortment probability. By putting in a request on our site you acknowledge the chance of variety in contrast with the pictures gave on our site. Every once in a while beeding/successions might get dislodged and this is regularly not thought about a shortcoming yet its gratitude to the personality of the work. These pieces of clothing ought to be worn with care. If
its not too much trouble, note that every one architects dresses sold on Hoorain Designer Wear are prescribe to be perfect . We wont be obligated for any cases coming about on account of harm cause by washing. Utilizing some other strategy or cases for varieties/and additionally beeding/groupings removal.

Cancellation of Order?

To cancel your order please email our customer service team at
info@hoorain.uk or WhatsApp at our customer service number +447440739462 within 24 hours of the order placed.

Why 24 Hours are Important?

As soon as customer makes an order online at Hoorain Designer Wear, The production process gets started and that’s include booking of the product, picking up of the product from internal and external sources, stitching, customizing packaging and logistics, and within 24 hrs the order passed through many processes in production and that cant be stopped, And due to this reason we will not be able to cancel the order after 24 Hrs.

Error submitting request?

Kindly take a screenshot of the page and send it to info@hoorain.uk.

Will the product really look like photos pitched / displayed images?

Indeed, the product is inseparable; but also there may be a slight difference when combining ornaments or Fabric and Accessories given the type. We bent down to show as accurately as expected and provided the best type of clothing sewn according to the pictures.

Email Sent to Spam Trash Folder?

In the event that you do not receive the letter from us, please check your Spam or Spam envelope only in the event that an email is sent instead of your inbox. Provided that this is true, select the message and click Not Junk or Spam, which may allow longer correspondence to inquire.

In the event of a special issue on the site, is there another application that you can apply for?

We urge our clients to place orders on our site. Our special team ensures that the power of our site works effectively at all times however to a lesser extent than the specific problem with the site, we may require our clients to hold us and try again once the problem is resolved. In the event that a problem arises, if it is not a major problem, send an email to info@hoorain.uk.

Provide any specialized assistance at a reasonable rate for any application-related problem?

We do not provide any special assistance, however kindly come to our twisted us at our customer care email at info@hoorain.uk.

Is my data saved?

All instalment information presented to our customers is slandered and kept secure and confidential.

Why would it be a good idea for me to give you my data?

Customer data related to name, card charging tricks and delivery addresses are essential for handling any electronic exchange / credit card check. These are important contributions to the fraudulent investment tools used by our investment partners.

To track down a particular item I am searching for?

All of our items are subject to the code / names of the amazing item and genres. Enter the exact code / name within the search site found on the site and it will help you find your favorite product. In case you do not get results, this indicates that the product is no longer accessible.

Get regular updates on upcoming new varieties?

You can follow our email newsletter.

Collar Tag?

We use Hoorain Designer Wear collar labels as we bind the product, the brands give us a seamless texture and not collar labels. We join 100% original products as they were.

File a complain?

In the event of a protest, kindly contact us to the customer care cc@hoorain.uk.

In a situation where the product I might be looking for is not available?

In the event that an item ends, it will not appear on the site or will be categorized as “Not Available”. The request can be set as long as the product is already “Accessible” on the site.

Anything available?

The “In Stock” item will have a “Add to Cart” button on its page. In the event that your required size of the item is not on the page, it means that the ratings are not available.