Stitching Policy

For choosing Hoorain Designer Wear for your stitching needs. We pride ourselves on providing premium sewing management, ensuring impeccable sewing styles and quality. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to meticulously arrange and tie the clothes according to the shoots shown on our site.

However, it is important to note that there may be some variation in the final product. Currently, certain parts displayed by brands for frame purposes may not be included in our clothing. As a result, we have made some adjustments to align with our traditional Pakistani culture. For instance, low back, backless, drop shoulder, and sleeveless dresses are transformed into regular style backs, regular shoulders, and hooked sleeves for reasons of invisibility.

To provide clarity on our stitching policy, please consider the following guidelines:

- The shirt will be styled and sewn to closely resemble the picture displayed on Hoorain Designer Wear.
- The fabric used in our sewing process is not absorbent to water, as we aim to maintain its lustre and beauty.
- Pants will be sewn according to the picture shown.
- Shirts will always have attached sleeves. We do not stitch shirts without sleeves.
- If desired, chiffon or net sleeves lining can be attached within the shirts or sent separately upon customer demand.
- Dupattas will be completed with a nice silk finishing or as depicted in the picture.
- Our dress stitching ensures full-coverage underlining to discreetly cover the stomach, shoulders, and back. We do not do body show-ups.
- Embellishments on the dress will be applied according to the picture. However, please note that the availability of embellishment accessories may vary in the market.
- Customization options are available, and a custom size box can be found at checkout for every order. Customization is limited to sizing and styling changes and does not extend to colour changes.
- In the event that the clothing is designed differently (customized), it will be provided in proportions as requested by the customer. Any changes made to the design will be the sole responsibility of the customer, and such requests cannot be returned.
- We utilize Hoorain Designer Wear collars as we receive an unstitched fabric without collar tags from the brand.
- If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at, via WhatsApp at +447440739462, or through our web chat.

Once again, thank you for choosing Hoorain Designer Wear. We look forward to serving you and ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our premium stitching services.