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Pakistani bridal and wedding wear are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in the UK and USA. They reflect the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and showcase the epitome of beauty. Pakistani bridal dresses are a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs, making them unique and stunning.

Kanwal Malik Fashion Designer

One of the most iconic bridal and wedding wear brands in Pakistan is Kanwal Mlaik which is known for the epitome of beauty of Pakistani bridal and wedding wear due to the attention to traditional and modern details, craftsmanship, and the use of luxurious fabrics. The Kanwal Malik wedding dresses are not only worn on the wedding day but also during various pre or post-wedding ceremonies and celebrations. They are a symbol of elegance, tradition, and style.

Kanwal Malik Afsheen Luxury Pret

Kanwal Malik's latest wedding collection is Kanwal Malik Afsheen Luxury Pret 24 which is full of Luxury, Formal, & Bridals outfits’ selection. So elevate your style today with Hoorain Designer Wear premium stitched wedding dresses of 2. Kanwal Malik Afsheen Pret Collection and step into the elegant world of Kanwal Malik Afsheen Luxury Pret Online which is full of delicate embroidery and intricate patterns in a range of colors, including pastels and bold hues. Pakistani bridal wears by Kanwal Malik Afsheen Luxury Pret Dresses also include traditional dresses like Long shirts with churridar, Long Peshwas, Shirt with Gharara, plazo, and shararas. Anarkali suits as long, flowing dresses with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. Every outfit of Kanwal Malik designer Pakistani wedding collection is made with luxurious fabrics and embellished with intricate embroidery. They consist of a heavily embroidered outlook with the finest and best possible expensive delicate fabrics.

Let's discuss this beautiful collection of  Malik Afsheen Luxury Pret Latest Collection in detail design-wise.


Enjoy elegance in a luxurious, rich deep red long silk shirt. This opulent suit is a statement of timeless beauty with intricate embroidered borders and a plunging neckline that adds further sophistication to its design. Careful finishing is evident in the subtle embellishments that adorn the entire edge of the shirt, creating a stunning visual feast. To elevate the ensemble, the set comes with a fully embroidered dupatta that adds glamor and completes the sophistication of the ensemble.

Red Dress Long Shirt - hoorain.uk


Enjoy the spectacle Immerse yourself in the glory of tradition and elegance with this mesmerizing parrot green ensemble crafted from luxurious Zari jamawar. The dress features an elaborate embroidered neckline with artfully sprinkled embellishments that create mesmerizing textures and patterns. The delicate embroidery is further accentuated by a sprinkling of decorative spray on the sleeves and front, which is embellished with embroidered borders for added grace. the outfit is paired with culottes made of raw Korean silk. The edges of these pants are embellished to add a subtle yet impressive detail to the ensemble.

Parrot Green Long dress - Hoorain UK


Immerse yourself in luxurious elegance with our purple silver fabric for this timeless silhouette with delicate embroidery and intricate hand embellishments. Paired with gorgeous culottes and badla dupatta with four-sided borders and embellishments. This look is the epitome of ethereal and effortless elegance.

Lilac Long Dress Ladies - Hoorain UK


Indulge in luxury with this shimmering gold ensemble that celebrates rich traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sophistication. The outfit has a carefully crafted shirt, garara, and dupatta, each adding to the overall magnificence of the outfit. Made of pure gold fabric, the shirt is a luxurious fabric with intricate handwork and embroidery on the front and sleeves. The precise details of the shirt not only show expert craftsmanship but also elevate the piece to unparalleled luxury. The pure soft paper adds a royal touch, ensuring every movement is accompanied by a brilliant play of light. A symbol of timeless elegance, the Gharara is crafted from badly fabric and sheer plush and reflects the opulence of the shirt.

Shirt with Gharara - Hoorain UK


This stunning white long embroidered chiffon shirt is a masterpiece that combines effortless sophistication with contemporary charm. The shirt features intricate embroidery that embellishes the fabric, creating an ethereal and subtle aesthetic. The embellished neckline adds luxury, drawing attention to the clavicle and beautifully framing the face. Perfectly paired with a chiffon dupatta, this ensemble exudes exquisite charm. Embellished with four-sided lace detailing, the dupatta adds to the overall appeal with its refined sophistication. The ribbons add some sophistication to the edges and give a graceful finish that completes the embroidered shirt beautifully. Korean pants offer a modern twist to traditional clothing, ensuring both style and ease of movement. The combination of white shirt, chiffon dupatta, and Korean clothing creates a harmonious blend of tradition and modern fashion.

Off White Chiffon Long Dress - Hoorain UK USA


Elegance meets tradition in this stunning long-bottle green Pishwasi ensemble, a timeless piece that exudes grace and sophistication. Pishwa's floor-length silhouette beautifully envelops the wearer in rich shades of green, creating a regal and alluring presence. The carefully crafted embroideries adorning the clothes add a touch of luxury, showcasing intricate patterns that perfectly blend tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Paired with a matching Churidaar pajama, the ensemble ensures a harmonious flow from top to bottom. Complementing this ensemble with an organza dupatta, the additional embroidery adds the perfect finishing touch.

Dark Green Long Maxi - Hoorain UK USA EU


Feel feminine grace in this charming tea-pink crop top, a delightful expression of sophistication and style. The shirt is embellished with a delicately embroidered border and a round neckline that shows off the meticulous finish that adds a glamorous touch to the outfit. The elegant spread of embellishments throughout the shirt creates an exciting interplay of texture and design that elevates the overall aesthetic. The ensemble, the badla dupatta is the centerpiece, beautifully embellished with gotta lace and badla and embroidered border on four sides. The intricate detailing of the dupatta adds extra flair and adds to the overall charm of the outfit. Badla's piece exudes timeless appeal, creating a luxurious and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads.

Dusty Pink Shirt with Plazo-hoorain UK


Step into a world of chic grace and style with this straight princess panel embroidered shirt, a sartorial masterpiece that embodies timeless elegance. The shirt has a regal and structured silhouette that accentuates the wearer's body with clean lines and a refined design. The charm starts at the neckline, adorned with intricate embellishments that add luxury and act as an attractive focal point. Paired with Flare Pants without pants, this set strikes the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. The wide-leg silhouette of the pants complements the structured shirt and offers a modern twist to a traditional look. The dupatta embroidery echoes the intricate detailing of the shirt, creating a sense of unity and oneness in the overall design.

Green Shirt with Plazo - Hoorain UK

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