Celebrate an Eid of Glamour, Elegance and Sophustication in UK

Celebrate an Eid of Glamour, Elegance and Sophustication in UK

Hoorain Designer Wear packs a punch when it comes to glamor and fashion. In a very short period, Hoorain designer wear has evolved into one of the most sought-after online fashion platforms in the UK USA Canada, and Europe. This year on Eid 2024, Hoorain Designer Wear brought designer lawns, formal wear, festive dresses, and bridals from designers across Pakistan for Eid fashion endorsements. We got to see some of the most exciting trends this Eid 2024. For us, fashion should be personal style, but it should also be affordable for everyone! That's why Hoorain Designer Wear brings you favorite Pakistani designer wear picks, offering affordable summer trends every Pakistani woman should embrace.

Maria B

If we talk about maria B. M. print or luxury lawn collections of this year 2024. It’s a wardrobe thing and is a must this summer! Of course, reasonable pricing and beautiful summer designs add strength to an Eid fashion trend, and it doesn't even mean you have to go that big for pricing to look elegant or sophisticated. Pick up a beautiful dress of Maria B premium stitched by Hoorain designer wear in the right size for you and let your summer outfit do the talking! It's affordable and trendy, but it's a great way to be trendy this summer!

Noor by Saadia Asad

Noor by Sadia Asad Printkari and Chikankari collections captured the flavor of summer with a selection of yellows, teal green, blues, and oranges. Be trendy this summer by ditching plain pastels and embracing bright colors. Many brands in the market offer you a similar range of colors. And if you don't like designer clothes, go to your local market to pick up loose fabric and sew it as you like! We at Hoorain designer wear sell only Pakistani designer clothing online and we can see there is a remarkable trend of buying Noor by Saadia Asad dresses this year that’s shocking for us because the UK market never bends towards Noor by Saadia Asad and this is the first year we can see the change. Anyhow good designs and good things achieve success and that’s remarkable for the design team of Saadia Asad.


Jazmin proved that the change of taste is not only in the clothes but in the whole. take a look! We've seen bright motif patterns, nice embroidery, Mughal and Turkish frameworks, and fabric selections that have us in the summer mood. These beautiful designer creations cost less than expected and instantly brighten up your look and make you trendy. Jazmin has a wide range of great designs in casual luxury, formal, and bridal dresses that you can buy for affordable prices at Hoorain designer wear as premium stitched dresses.  

Hussain Rehar

Another affordable way to create a fashion-friendly look is Hussian Rehar formal and luxury lawn this year. Hoorain Designer Wear is all set to launch this beautiful brand with all possible trends and hits. We saw the central elements of designs are pashmina tassels, crystal danglings, intricate embroidery patterns, and a beautiful selection of sequins on embroidered work on the lawn, net, chiffon, and raw silk fabrics. This year hussian rehar is easiest to imitate with backless designs.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is another gem in the market to launch collection after collection and has presented amazing collections the main function of this brand's program is to improve your appearance. Although not everyone is comfortable wearing the perfect clothes for everyday looks, it is best to take the trend and incorporate it in a minimalist style. For us, that means adding a little pop here and there to make you stand out. Asim Jofa itself has an eccentric selection of eye-catching ladies' designs essentials, casual, luxury, and formal wear. All in a very affordable selection and price.