Velvet Edit for Pakistani Weddings 23/24

Velvet Edit for Pakistani Weddings 23/24

Velvet Edit for Pakistani Weddings 23/24

Pakistani weddings are known for their elegance and sophisticated finish. The wedding dresses often have heavy embellishments. Pakistani Wedding Suits have heavily intricate embroidery, and rich fabrics. Like as velvet, Raw Silk and beautifully designed Jamawars. Pakistani Fashion designers and design houses are known for their attention to detail and ability to create stunning wedding outfits that effortlessly blend tradition, culture with contemporary fashion trends and styles.

Mushq Designer Wear UK

Mushq UK is a popular Pakistani ladies brand known for its amazing Pakistani weddings and festive dresses. And is known for its stylish and elegant designs for any wedding occasions or family festivities. Mushq Clothing Online UK designs are endorsed at Hoorain designer wear online retail store.


Mushq Clothing UK

From traditional lehnega choli to contemporary wear like peshwas, open slit shirts , Jackets Maxis, Mushq dresses UK offers a wide selection of beautiful designs for brides and wedding guests. Their latest Mushq Niloufer Velvet Edit 23/24 is made of velvet fabris, Jamawars, Korean and Russian Grips with beautiful details of embroidered designs which are in demand by Pakistani women in UK, USA and Europe.

Mushq Niloufer Velvet Edit

This latest collection of Mushq Niloufer Velvet Edit 23 is already very popular among Pakistani women living in abroad and is out of stock at many retail and wholesale channels. Mushq is always been highly grossed revenue brand and is very famous. This collection of Mushq Niloufer Velvet Edit 23 gives an ambiance of the royal heritage and cultural heritage of Pakistan and Sub Continent and it reflects in designs and fabrics . Let’s discuss and take a dive in with Mushq latest collection of Mushq Niloufer Vevet Edit 23/24.

Pari-Slit Jacket

"Pari," a classic example of elegance and seduction of Mushq Pakistani fashion UK. Pari is wearing a sophisticated outfit that was painstakingly made with hand-embroidered sequin accents on the top and is dressed in sleek black velvet.

Golnar - Open Long Jacket

Golnar: Featuring elaborate hand-embellished sequin work on top, this suit is made of deep wine velvet. A remarkable fusion of elegance and extravagance that makes you stand out wherever you go.

Farah - Red Peshwas

This Dress from Mushq designer wear UK, enhances your elegance and luxurious sensation. And is a perfect choice due to its rich red color which radiates confidence and desire.

Royan - Long Shirt

"Royan," a gorgeous outfit of Mushq Pakistan that radiates class and grace. This gorgeous piece is painstakingly crafted with an eye for detail, adds a hint of grandeur to your wardrobe with its mesmerizing teal tone. Royan, composed of opulent velvet, is the perfect combination of flair and comfort.

Shirin - Long Shirt

An opulent outfit of Mushq designer wear that exudes charm and grace. Shirin is made of plush velvet and exudes refinement in a seductive plum color, guaranteeing an unmatched blend of comfort and style.

Roxana - Slit Shirt

"Roxana," a magnificent example of grace and sophistication of Mushq fashion Pakistan. Wearing an enticing magenta color, Roxana is a painstakingly constructed velvet garment that promises comfort and style.

Shahinaz - Long Peshwas

Shahinaz, a piece of exquisitely manufactured velvet clothing with an enticing emerald green tint, is a spectacular show of elegance and refinement that captures and reflects light with ease.

Where to Buy Mushq Dresses online UK

Hoorain Designer Wear online UK is the only online platform available for Pakistani women living in UK USA and Canada. To buy Mushq luxury formals, Mushq Festive wears, Mushq Pakistani wedding wears and bridals at good price and high quality. To order visit our site at and call us at +447440739462


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