mushq izhar luxury chiffon pakistani wedding formals

mushq izhar luxury chiffon pakistani wedding formals

Mushq Izhar Luxury Chiffon Pakistani Wedding Formals Collection 2023

Pakistani wedding formals are renowned for their elegance and intricate craftsmanship. These outfits often feature heavy embellishments intricate embroidery and rich fabrics like silk chiffon and velvet. Pakistani designers are known for their attention to detail and their ability to create stunning ensembles that effortlessly blend tradition with modern trends. Shop Mushq Izhar Luxury Chiffon Pakistani Wedding Formals Collection.

Mushq Designer Wear UK

Mushq is a popular Pakistani brand known for its exquisite wedding formals. Brand Mushq Clothing Online UK designs are highly sought after for their intricate detailing and luxurious fabrics. From traditional lehenga cholis to contemporary gowns Mushq offers a wide range of options for brides and wedding guests alike. Their latest Izhar collection by Mushq 2023 is made of chiffon fabric and includes heavily made slit maxis, long maxis, peshwas , lehnga cholis in pastel and sharp hues with beautiful details as required by Pakistani women in UK USA and Europe. Mushq is popular due to their details and beauty of the fabrics used.

Mushq Izhaar Luxury Chiffon online UK

Chiffon is a popular fabric choice for Pakistani wedding formals due to its lightweight and flowy nature. It is often used to create ethereal gowns flowing maxis and feminine dresses. The soft and delicate texture of chiffon adds a touch of elegance and grace to Mushq designer wedding dresses.

Party Outfits for Women by Mushq

Long gowns and maxis are commonly worn by Pakistani women at Pakistani weddings. These floor-length dresses come in a variety of styles ranging from embellished and heavily embroidered designs to simpler and more understated options. Long gowns and maxis allow women to showcase their personal style while adhering to the traditional attire for Pakiatni weddings.

Mushq Designer Party Outfits Online UK

Lehenga choli consisting of a flared skirt (lehenga) and a blouse (choli is a quintessential Pakistani wedding and designer party outfit. The lehenga choli is often adorned with intricate embroidery sequins and beads creating a stunning and eye-catching look. It is a popular choice for brides as well as wedding guests.

Mushq Trendy Party Clothing UK

Slit peshwas is another popular trendy style in Pakistani wedding fashion. It is a long dress that features a high slit on one side which adds a modern and fashionable touch to the traditional silhouette. Slit peshwas often incorporate intricate embellishments and can be paired with trousers or churidar pajamas as in Mushq latest chiffon collection of Izhar wedding formals.

Lets discuss this beautiful Wedding collections of IZhar luxury chiffon Mushq latest dresses online UK in detail.


Our outfit Shahana arises as an image of style and magnificence. On mint green chiffon pishwas, hand-embellished and embroidered work details blend harmoniously with delicate embroidered and sequinned borders on the ensemble and dupatta. Each detail including the brilliant tilla fastens and binds recounts an account of careful craftsmanship, reclassifying extravagance with its rich appeal.


Presenting our choice assertion look, Shehrzaad a staggering epitome of refined extravagance and imaginative craftsmanship in a hypnotizing shade of red. Created on extravagant chiffon texture, the outfit flaunts mind boggling hand embellishments and careful weaving that shapes a charming ensemble of plan. The fragile subtleties dance across the erupted pishwas and weaved net dupatta, summoning a feeling of immortal charm and refinement.


Created with extreme attention to detail, "Muneezeh" embodies a feeling of immortal charm and refined magnificence through a perfect shade of lavender. The extravagant chiffon texture wraps effortlessly, improving all your developments against a printed crude silk lehenga. The outfit's hand-embellished and embroidered details, such as 3D flowers and tassels, catch the light to produce a captivating display of radiance that is sure to attract attention.


Unmistakable class exemplified through our stunning troupe Hania in mauve. The hand-decorated and weaved subtleties on chiffon, combined with the weaved and sequinned borders, give a material to individual articulation. It makes a statement that transcends passing fashions and exudes a grace that is timeless.


Our delightfully organized outfit, Mishaal, discloses an ensemble of careful craftsmanship, reclassifying extravagance with its dazzling charm in chiffon. A harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary finesse is achieved when hand embellished and embroidered work are combined. Mishaal invites you to savor the splendor of hand-crafted beauty and incomparable attraction.


Decorated with fastidious hand embellishments and complex weaving on a chiffon material, our outfit Nameera is a demonstration of the craftsmanship that characterizes style. The brilliant consumed orange and dupatta in delicate pink shades entwine, implanting the troupe with a feeling of dynamic quality and elegance. The look is finished with a hand decorated tassle, hand decorated neck area ball and a weaved and sequined net dupatta.


Presenting Taneez, an erupted pishwas where polish is uncovered through fastidiously handmade embellishments and the sensitive sparkle of sequinned verges on stunning chiffon, set against tea pink material. It accompanies organized brilliant and silver tilla fastens hence adding a hint of style to the look. Mushq Izhar dresses. A stunning net dupatta with intricately embroidered and sequined borders completes your ensemble.


Enjoy the charm of hand-decorated and impeccably weaved subtleties that embellish every last bit of our troupe Nureh delivered in lilac shade. Made with careful accuracy, the mind boggling designs on chiffon and shining accents with brilliant have to bind getting done and weaved borders make an entrancing embroidery of configuration, summoning a feeling of magnificent greatness.


Meherbano, our meticulously crafted ensemble, redefines opulence with its enchanting charm in beige chiffon pishwas. It is a harmonious masterpiece of intricate artistry. The combination of carefully decorated hand adorned and weaved subtleties combined with unpredictable tilla and reflect ribbon completing makes a consistent congruity between conventional masterfulness and current polish. Mushq Izhar dresses.


Tania emanates a climate of persevering through charm and cleaned appeal. The extravagant chiffon texture delivered in a delightful shade of ice blue combined with scalloped weaved boundary of the dupatta overflows in smooth folds. The inconspicuous embellishments on the outline with a blend of weaved subtleties including silver tilla fastens and reflect trim for the belt makes a hypnotizing transaction that radiates an enchanting iridescence.

Mushq Special Occasions Wear Dresses

Pakistani women residing in the UK and USA also have access to Pakistani wedding formals through various platforms and designers. Many Pakistani designers have their outlets or collaborations with retailers in these countries making it easier for the Pakistani Diaspora to find and wear traditional ensembles. Additionally online shopping platforms offer a wide range of options for Pakistani women living abroad allowing them to explore and purchase the latest designs from renowned Pakistani designers.

Hoorain Designer wear

One of the renowned designer retail brands in UK USA and Canada is Hoorain Designer Wear at the moment. Known for its unique and innovative designs,  Hoorain Designer Wear offers a diverse range of outfits for various occasions including weddings. Their endorsed collections of all Pakistani fashion brands including Mushq Izhar dresses UK often feature traditional and contemporary styles catering to the preferences of Pakistani women in UK USA and Australia.

Where to buy Mushq ready to wear UK

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