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Having 35 store locations in 16 different cities, Zeen clothing is a famous and popular brand in Pakistan, established in 2014. From casual wear to formal wear, this brand is highly praised for its unique designs that come both in western and eastern styles.  Giving modern style to classic designs to make the outfits eye-catching and attractive so that you can easily steal the limelight is not beyond the ken of this famous Pakistani designer brand.

After a few years of its inception, zeen luxury collection has been able to impress its customers who keep on looking for wearing exquisite outfits with painstakingly done embellishments. These outfits can bring delight and satisfaction to its huge number of customers. Zeen collection is well known for embellishing simple yet chic cuts with refreshing prints.

When it comes to the lawn collection of this brand, they never compromise on quality and use high-quality fabrics that make the attractive designs more gorgeous and appealing. These outfits are available both in ready-to-wear and unstitched forms for the convenience of customers. Different hues are decorated with shimmering embroideries and prints to satiate the customers. Dupattas are made from are made from premium grade chiffon, cotton net, and many other such season-friendly fabrics, making them requisite to add elation to your occasions of the season.

Zeen online shopping also offers online buying of the outfits with 15 days return policy because this is the belief of this brand that once you buy the outfits of this brand, you can't help falling in love with the beautiful dresses and ordering more outfits. Due to this amazing offer, it has been able to impress its customers.


Hooraindesignerwear.com provides huge collections of more than 100 brands of Pakistani designers, whose popularity isn't limited to Pakistan. Due to their hardwork, they have been able to get recognition from different countries around the globe. We give these branded outfits at minimal prices to fulfill the wish of our customers of wearing branded outfits. We never compromise on quality because we can't bite the hands that feed us that's why the numbers of our online family are getting higher and higher on daily basis. Our interface is easy to explore the latest collections of different Pakistani designer dresses. Without further ado, place your order.