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Exquisite delicacy, luxury, and sophistication are a few words that can be used to define this clothing brand, threads, and motifs new collection is one of the versatile Pakistani brands which is praised for mixing traditional and modern designs to provide perfect outfits for different occasions of the year. The designs of the outfits of this brand are such beautiful that you can't help praising each and every collection that's why the popularity of this brand isn't limited to only Pakistan, rather the customers of this brand are found in different countries of the world.

In threads and motifs party wear collection you will find outfits decorated with hand embroideries, shimmering patterns, and delicate designs. The designers leave no stone unturned to make each outfit worth buying.  Introducing fresh ideas for every collection makes the outfits not only unique and innovative but also perfect to wear and look fashionable on any occasion. High-quality fabrics are used to give beautiful dresses to its customers so that they can give themselves the look that can bulldoze others into praising their dressing sense.

Different eye-catching hues are decorated with perfection to enhance the beauty of the outfits and add elegance and attractiveness to your personality in every season of the year so that you can go to any event with confidence and gravity.

When it comes to rates of the outfits of different collections, they offer these beautiful dresses at very reasonable prices in order to give the opportunity to every fashion-conscious lady to wear trendy outfits and make herself a trendsetter. You can easily find your dream outfit from huge collections of this brand which has the habit of winning the hearts of its customers.

No need to go on shopping physically, because we have made the work of shopping easy for you. You can find what you want in our online boutique which is replete with the latest collections of various Pakistani brands. These beautiful outfits are available at affordable and reasonable prices. We provide them on your doorstep so you don't need to feel worried about your Eid shopping. Pick up your mobile and visit this online boutique to place and get your order in the blink of an eye.