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Owned by Al-Noor fabrics, Qalamkar clothing is praised for providing innovative and inspiring designs along with dazzling colours. Actually, this brand doesn’t swim with the tide and in lieu of using too much technology, this brand believes in the local craftsmen of Pakistan who are whizz at embellishing elegant outfits with their experience and expertise to pay tribute to the local culture of Pakistan.

Giving modern touch to traditional designs by using the expertise of local artisans has been the turf of this popular brand. Mesmerising outfits are made immaculately and great attention is given to each part of the outfit making this an inimitable brand. These artisans have a Midas touch at giving a perfect shape to the attires and the use of various hues makes the outfits sine qua non to add attractiveness to the personality of the fashion-conscious ladies.

Finding a scintilla of glitches from stitching to designs in the outfits of the Qalamkar luxury lawn collection is out of the question because they believe in giving the look of a queen to its customers that’s why they embellish each outfit immaculately, whether they’re summer outfits or winter dresses.

Qalamkar’s aim is to provide astonishing and shimmering designs without compromising on quality and all the outfits come in vibrant colours, making them integral for your events. The elegant dresses of Qalamkar new collection not only make you a central attraction but also propels others into praising your look.

Bringing beauty into designs by using the expertise of local artists so that its customers can look fashionable without ignoring tradition has made this popular not only in Pakistan but also ladies from all over the world can’t help waiting for the collections that come with different hues and perfect designs for different occasions of the year.

Our online store is replete with the latest collections of the aforementioned and many other brands. These brands have got popularity due to providing resplendent designs every year for their customers to give them the look of their choice. We provide 24/7 service to serve our beautiful customers and all the outfits are provided at affordable prices. Explore our online boutique to get your favourite designer dress and enjoy your events with perfection.