Wedding Festive Collection by Aik Atelier

We can hear the bells! As the wedding season approaches, it’s a frenzy. There is no one in Pakistan, or in the entire world who doesn’t love a wedding. On such joyous occasions, usually in the winter season, women rush to designer wears to opt for branded outfits. Although experts in the fashion world are a dime a dozen, Aik Atelier has carved itself a unique niche for itself in its Wedding Festive Collection.

Luxury personified, Aik Atelier amalgamates understated enchantment of contemporary ethos and opulent fantasy to create the perfect festive look for a wedding. Pristine sophistication in tune with the occasion and dazzling magic that could charm a snake, this atelier is an ancient alchemist.

Unlike its counterparts, Aik Atelier has no qualms in extracting fabrics of all seasons at its disposal.  From organza, chiffon, to velvet Wedding Festive Collection by Aik Atelier is a line to look out for. Women will swoon over its chiffon look whereby labyrinth of flowers are embroidered and coated with French cut sequins. Geometrical patterns and designs adorn the dupattas to provide geometric aesthetic appeal to an otherwise ornamental shirt.

In another look of the Wedding Festive Collection by Aik Atelier, the house has played with different hues such as teal and jade and used motifs on a monochrome surface, decked with opaline beadwork and hints of gold tilla work. Luxurious craftsmanship of embroidery on necklines, hems and sleeves are evident which emphasize the contrast to the subtle yet outstanding patterns of the shirt and the dupatta.

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Not extraordinary but not ordinary either, is the evergreen femininity of the use of the theme of jaal with organza and chiffon, encrusted with embellishments of dazzling crystals using mind boggling techniques to create a look of elegant splendour serenading the one adorned by it.

A theme reproduced by Aik Atelier is the intertwining combination of black and gold hues. The airiest and cloudiest of chiffon is embroidered with vintage gold tilla, sequins and thread. To step it up a notch with cultural modernity, different shades of chatta patti adorn the hem and jaal chatta dupatta keep up with the entire eternal look of the design.

pastel formal wear

Also big on ice blue colors, for the first time, Aik Atelier has introduced handcrafted embellishments with its signature embroideries. Flora and fauna decorate and branch out on the shirt and sleaves with sparkling silver sequins. Pearls are encrusted with the embellishments to create a pastel formal wear.

And who says that only the bride can wear red? Aik takes red to another realm which features a timeless peace that is adorned with embellishments of sequin-work and taanka that creates a myriad of hues. Underneath, a lehnga of fluffy chiffon serves its wearer with crimson serenity.

Aik Atelier dares to surprise its customers with its choicest of choices by making dazzling contrasts of ebony and crimson shades. These masterful works of art are hued with tonnes of jewels and encrusted with shimmering sequins. The beaded lace overlay scallops the organza hem of the dress which is paired with a black dupatta punctuated with sequins here and there. Incandescent necklines are embroidered with flora and cut to form a structured bodice.


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