Most Reasonable Wedding Dresses by Pakistani Designers

Wedding is an auspicious occasion and people love to wear modern yet traditional dresses as they look incredible with a modern touch. Pakistani designers are famous for designing fascinating wedding outfits with a glimpse of tradition and trendiness. When shopping for your dream bridal gown, you’ll be delighted by the wide range of designs available in Pakistan. Pakistani wedding dresses are a great way to express your style while still blending the rich heritage of Pakistan with the contemporary style of western culture.

Pakistani designers are famous worldwide, and we took a closer look at Mushq, Azure, Akbar Aslam, and Maria. B, Zarif, Emaan Adeel, Maryum N Maria, and Imrozia premium. These designers have been making bridal dresses for Pakistani brides and weddings for decades. But why these designers are famous and what is special in their work? Read on to discover about specialties of these designers.

Emaan Adeel:

The latest trend in Pakistani clothing is the arrival of ethnic wear brands, such as Emaan Adeel. This brand offers exquisite traditional Pakistani wedding dresses made from the finest fabrics. Despite the burgeoning competition in Pakistan’s clothing industry, the company is already a trusted name among Pakistani women. The collection of this brand features dresses made from chiffon, organza, net, velvet, and lawn fabric.

eman adeel

In her bridal collection, Emaan Adeel has infused elegance with modernity. Her latest creations come with intricate designs and a fresh twist on traditional ethnic wear. Being a well-known Pakistani designer, Emaan Adeel designs bridal gowns and other traditional Pakistani clothing which are as famous as reasonable. The brand brings innovative designs to Pakistan and has a large fan base all over the world especially due to its affordable and innovative design.

Imrozia premium:

A lot of brides prefer traditional Pakistani wedding dresses, and Imrozia has an entire range of such designs. Not only can you find a traditional Pakistani wedding dress that fits your personality but their ensembles are really budget free. Imrozia premium is the most reasonable brand that is within everyone’s budget. You can opt for any color combination, all sorts of work details from heavy to light and from rainbow colors to light and soft colors are available in their collection. You can find all sorts of dresses including Pakistani simple dresses for weddings to heavily embroidered dresses.

Imrozia premium


Inspired by the culture of the country, the latest collection of wedding dresses from Pakistani designers, Azure, showcases elegant evening gowns, romantic chiffon and net creations, elaborate embroidery, and enviable silhouettes. The Azure wedding collections evoke a sense of jovial grace and erudite handicrafts. The latest designs and trends are also included in the collection.


Azure brand is based in Karachi, and this lady’s clothing brand has gained immense popularity in Pakistan and foreign countries. The designer team is dedicated to providing a unique guise for every woman. With its focus on fashion trends, the brand has become a favorite among Pakistani fashionistas. In addition to wedding dresses, this brand also provides Casual shalwar kameez which is suitable for ladies who want to wear light but sophisticated dresses to any wedding, furthermore Azure has a diverse collection of casual and semi-formal wear.


Known for its contemporary and traditional designs, Zarif is a fashion brand that combines elegance and creativity. You can choose a beautiful wedding gown for any occasion with a collection that suits your style. You can find formal and semi-formal gowns in an array of vibrant colors and artisan embroideries. In addition to this, you can find stylish dresses and Pakistani lady’s kurta designs for any season and occasion.



Mushq is a high-street fashion brand in Pakistan that draws inspiration from Rumi’s famous quote. Mushq dresses feature luxurious fabrics and opulent designs. Each collection is meticulously crafted by designers who put their heart and soul into each piece. Mushq focuses on quality over quantity and offers a wide variety of dynamic designs.


Many celebrities have worn Mushq designs, so you know you’ll look gorgeous on your big day. And because of its reasonable prices, Mushq has attracted a loyal following. It has a large selection of bridal gowns, as well as Asian mehndi outfits.

Akbar Aslam:

One of the best-selling designers of Pakistani bridal and wedding dresses is Akbar Aslam. Starting in a boutique, he has now become a world-renowned designer of wedding and formal dresses. His exquisite designs and subtle colors are popular among customers all over the world. His collection is full of all light, bold, and bright colors. You can buy Pakistani wedding dresses and formal wear, and you can also find many other ethnic styles that are just as elegant.

Akbar Aslam

The brand was founded in 2010 and has grown into a world-class company. The brand’s mission is to create high-end, luxury ethnic women’s clothing with a contemporary aesthetic and age-old traditions. Today, it is the most sought-after designer of Pakistani wedding and formal dresses, with an array of styles that span every occasion from a wedding to a party. With its modern aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship, the Pakistani wedding and formal dress line are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Along with all these qualities, this brand is as reasonable as anybody can wish.

Maryum N Maria:

Maryum N Maria offers you exclusive wedding and formal wear. Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant dress or a stylish gown with a sophisticated design, Maryum N Maria has it. The prices are quite reasonable, and the selection of bridal and wedding dresses is great. 

All her collections feature chiffon, net, and organza embroidered patches, and motifs. There are three-piece suits, including blouses, trousers, and skirts. Embroidered dupattas are also available. The dresses are suitable for formal gatherings. You can even order them online from the hoorain designer wear site. The site delivers dresses throughout the world, and you’ll be able to get high-quality Cheap Pakistani clothes online.

The dresses at Maryum N Maria are of the highest quality. They are adorned with dazzling Swarovski-sequin work and intricate embroidery. They are also made of soft, flowing chiffon and other elegant fabrics, and feature a touch of sparkle and elegance. Usually, a light color combination is Maryam N Maria’s color theme. every age group lady can carry these dresses.

Maria B:

If you’re planning to get married in a traditional yet most elegant Pakistani style, Maria B. Pakistani wedding dresses are a must-have for your special day. With their elegant designs and modern touch, Maria B. bridal dresses will help you turn your vision into a reality. Choose from a variety of colors and combinations to create your ideal wedding attire. From Pakistani Kurti traditional styles to the most up to dated lehnga style, Maria. B is a big hit. Maria B is a popular clothing brand that offers a wide range of beautiful bridal outfits at affordable prices. Its embroidered fabrics have made it the perfect choice for Pakistani brides. Many of their dresses are studded with Swarovski crystals.

Kanwal Malik:

The Kanwal Malik Designs Pakistani wedding dress line is a luxury fashion brand Wedding Dresses by Pakistani Designers that is acclaimed for its beautiful wedding gowns. The brand uses lavish silhouettes, blush colors, and intricate embellishments to create unique bridal outfits for a variety of brides. The dresses feature Western influences, including Swarovski crystals, and are suitable for all occasions. The dresses are incredibly beautiful and reasonable. The designer has also launched bridal collections and bridal gowns with their signature embroidery work and elegant designs. Kanwal Malik is a talented designer whose work is her identity. Her dresses are so inimitable that you can easily spot them out in a crowd.

Kanwal Malik

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