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Velvet is a fabric that is ideal for bringing warmth, luxury, and is prized for its silky, tufted texture. Special velvet weddings Wear have a lasting appeal in winter ready to wear Pakistan dresses. Velvet is a fantastic material for giving wedding seasons an opulent, glamorous appearance for centuries and was particularly popular during the Italian renaissance.

It has a luminous sheen and the ability to carry colour like no other fabric. And was particularly popular during this decadent fabric’s heyday, but it looks great for both contemporary and traditional Pakistani weddings.

If you’re considering purchasing Pakistani wedding dresses online, you’ve come to the right place at hooraindesignerwear. We’ve compiled a selection of Pakistani velvet dresses uk to adore this wedding season at more affordable prices, making it easier to achieve a posh appearance at a wedding event.

Let me show you the Pakistani brands and their best velvet dresses online so you can have an unforgettable wedding season!

Here are five well-known brands that made use of this luxurious fabric:


Gulaal Embroidered Velvet is an excellent choice if you want to inject a touch of luxury and colour into your wedding event.”They used ada-works, embroideries & sequences on pure velvets with styles of long open jackets, flared black maxi, Long Pishwas, and shirt styles. It is the perfect brand to create the magic because it looks good in almost any shade of velvet.”They experimented with its bold use”; it is suitable for any wedding event and contributes to the creation of a cosy winter atmosphere that is ideal for curling up in on a crisp fall day.

velvet weddings Wear Gulaal Embroidered Velvet


Try Aik Atelier Baagh Luxury Velvet, which is elegantly adorned with sequins to create romantic designs, for a luxury wedding season with wow factor. The product’s various motifs are layer with tilla embroidery in various tones to give the design a glittering dimension. The patterns feature swaying floral that maintain the look’s enchanting essence. In This lovely gem in crown, you will track down Lengthy Shirts, Styled in Greenish Blue Purple Red and white shades with an embroidered kaftaan in dark black to capture everyone’s attention. Ordering it allows your weddings to stand out from the crowd.

velvet weddings Wear


The Emaan Adeel Makhmal velvet weddings Wear collection, which was introduce in 2021 and was a season hit because of its charming colours, embroidery, and fashion styles and cuts, sold out in a single day. And been out of the market for several weeks to replenish supplies, with millions of customers waiting in line. This gorgeous, high-end clothing brand made Emaan Adeel Makhmal 2022 once more by putting aesthetics first and using velvet to create magic.

Yes, they did it by combining intricate designs with subtle colours in every velvet outfit to make their products stand out from the crowd, and they are proud of it. This year, Makhmal by Emaan Adeel is a big hit again. It does so in the same lovely way as last year to bring the award for best market to home.

Hey Girls! at hoorain.uk, grab these gems before they sell out.


Charizma Velvet Vol. 1 is a rich spice-tone upholstery that is ideal for bringing warmth and life to nighttimes wedding functions, velvet weddings Wear particularly those held in Pakistan or Pakistani weddings around the world. These dresses are warm and soft to the touch. Remarkably appears and feels more opulent. With its enticing colours and patterns that add flamboyance to your style. This collection, which has inherent jewel-like colours, can really uplift your wedding day in this chilly season. Don’t forget to buy charisma velvet vol. 1 if you want to enjoy traditional Pakistani as well as English weddings. It is singularly stunning and beautiful.

Charizma Velvet


The Velvet Dreams by Maryum N Maria’s Luxurious dark shades worked especially very well in this classic collection with jamawar gharars, shararas and styled in open jackets, shirts, pishwas, frocks, and flared maxis to introduce you to the classic world and is an “Adult Retreat” once again. This wedding collection brings joy of the contemporary and traditional wedding dresses to make your days very special and classy.

Where to Buy Velvet Dresses in UK?

This is a sophisticated mix of this year’s velvet selection at Hoorain Designer Wear and is a brilliant way to bring a sense of occasion and glamour to a wedding party and will provide a wonderful fabric and stitching experience for those who love HoorainDesignerWear stitching quality. Hooraindesignerwear transforms your space into one that oozes personality and color.Therefore, don’t forget to place your order at hoorain.uk because we are the only company in town that can turn your wedding day into a stunning velvet affair. Best of luck with your purchase at Hoorain Designer Wear. Use coupon code: Hoorainuk to redeem 20% of your sale.

Author Umair Arif Aryan calls Hoorain Designer Wear “A place of Beauty, Glamour, Elegance, and Enchantment.”Pippa Blenkinsop

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