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Lethargy in the summers is the worst. For 8 to 9 months, you have to battle with yourself to attempt to function in sweltering heat, and God forbid, under the blistering Sun. Dressing up to the nines is out of the question. All the ladies tie up their beautiful locks in haphazard buns on the top of their heads and wear super comfortable and breezy outfits they can find while trying their best to look their best and wear the best. But that’s not the case with the winters. With the climate crisis upon us and posing a deadly hazard, winters in Pakistan have taken the form of pleasant coolness rather than being bitter cold. And inasmuch as the situation is grave, with the people of Pakistan advocating for responsive policy making for the said crisis, people are trying to adjust to this form of the season. Comfortable and cool, ladies can deck themselves now however they want in any Pakistani designer wear. At, has housed a multitude of winter collection.


Swiss Voil Winter Collection by Charizma is one such feature that offers winter serenity. Women can revamp their wardrobe for the season with this collection of opulent outfits that offer aesthetics, rich and vibrant, which are synonymous to timeless elegance. This winter collection by Charizma is in popular demand and is ready to be delivered by

No Fuss no Muss

Ladies don’t say this often, but they don’t like to embroil themselves in works that require a lot of fuss unless its absolutely necessary. Swiss Voil Winter Collection by Charizma is one such collection that offers relief, simplicity and beauty rolled into one. This particular number is hued is deep yellow mustard and is printed in red and green flora and fauna on a swiss front. The underline of the shirt is bordered with triangular band in red. The bottom of the shirt is embroidered with motifs in the same hues of mustard. The dupatta is printed and is checkered, bordered with mustard embroidery and the trousers are of cotton. How simple and chic is that? Get your hands on it before its too late. Click away at and purchase it at extremely affordable price.


Another popular outfit is a dusty grey outfit with chikenkari and is printed. The full-length loose sleeves are printed in large red motifs. The dupatta is hued in red and is of chiffon which is printed and embroidered at the borders. The trousers are of cotton. offers this piece in abundance which is sold out at many places.

Do we dare?

Swiss Voil Winter Collection by Charizma has created illusion of significant imagery in this deep blue number. And has made sure that its well in stock because ladies will want to have this outfit for sure. The front of the printed swiss shirt is embroidered in pale blue, while the bottom half is embroidered in light beige which is in a striking contrast with the blue. The full-length loose sleeves contain the same embroidery. The attire is paired with contrasting light beige dupatta that is embroidered at the borders in blue and brown. The trousers again, are of cotton. Now, isn’t that the perfect package?

Pakistaniladieswear has always maintained its high standards of providing the trendiest fashion numbers of prime quality to its customers. All in reasonable prices. And it has always managed to satisfy its clientele garnering positive reviews. keeps quality check and supplies premium brands to Pakistan, UK, and abroad. does not entertain mistakes and defects in its products and takes prompt actions to correct them and manufactures the perfect product, inspects it, and then dispatches it, for customer satisfaction.


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