Stitched Linen Winter Collection by Maria B

As the fall spreads its vermillion hues all around you and the crisp leaves make satisfying crunches under your feet, to say that to be anywhere other than here is disingenuous. No matter how far you are from the snowcaps of Northern Pakistan and the longing you have for the unfamiliar snowfall you realize you still want to be here. You just want to wrap yourself in a warm khaddar shawl, curl up in a chair, lay your feet on the table placed before you in your veranda to soak up the sun in the winter wherever you are, eat oranges and know that everything is grand. And this feeling is precious. The season lasts for only a limited number of days, and you want to make the most of it. We love winters for its fashion too. These days herald the much-awaited clash of the fashion titans when Pakistani designers exhibit their all year long labour in competing line ups. These collections are worth feasting your eyes on and purchasing. And they are here, at HoorainDesignerWear. To be precise, they are at your fingertips.

Stitched Linen by pakistani designer Mariab B

Pakistani designers

Winters are kind of whimsical and fashionable and that’s what Maria B’s winter collection encapsulates.  The stitched Linen Winter’22 Collection by Maria B is an edition that speaks volumes about her masterful confluence of art and design and executing them in Pakistani designer wear.

is a woman of astute enterprise. While designers and women think of winters in terms of really warm textiles such as pashminas and velvets, this fall Maria B has created luxurious edition of outfits in linen. Why linen, may you ask? Linen is soft and supple fabric that carries just the optimum amount of warmth for the cold Pakistan garners by the mother nature which lasts for some precious days. The fabric is lightweight, form-fitting and durable. And as for handcraft, it proves to be a perfect canvas. From embroidery of zari, tilla and taanka to rich embellishments of sequins and crystals, linen can transform into a scintillating outfit. Self-printed linen is another story entirely itself which can command its own domain of exquisite experiments.

Stitched Linen Winter’22 Collection by Maria B

This fall Maria B linen winter collection comprises of decadent and deluxe colors that will beckon ladies who want Pakistani designer clothes brands in conjunction with stylings of the speakeasy days of the west in the 1920s. Hoorain.UK carries this portent collection for its customers to indulge in these winters at 20% off. Browsing for Pakistani dresses online and availing this offer at Luxuryformals cannot get more exciting than this.


Maria B linen dress designs are for the sybarites as this edition includes colors such as plum purple, blood red, cerulean blue, teal green, henna green and lilac. With billowing bell sleeves and velvet appliqued, embroidered and embellished shirts with sequins and crystals, decorative tassels at the hem and at the bottom of the trousers, teamed with contrasting woven zari shawls, women who purchase these outfits are going to be the veritable subjects of envy among their counterparts who will be unfortunate enough who don’t grab the golden chance of availing the discount at Hoorain.UK. All in all, this special linen collection is like no other. And at the sale prices these elegant outfits are surprisingly affordable. It makes no sense to let this chance fly by.

Buy Now Mahay Winter Collection by Sana Safinaz

And then there are some of us who take out warm clothes from suitcases when its 1st of November, citing that Winters are officially here, even if ceiling fans are turning at the speed of of 4. These people feel the chills and suffer the sniffles and seek warmth from anything and everything. Fashionistas do exist amongst them. And they know what textiles they need to look out for in these seasons. Pakistani designers have their fingers on the pulse of these women, and they create special collections targeted at this clientele. Apart from velvets and linens, khaddar is one fabric that is unique and is frequenting the hands of designers over the years. Unlike linen, khaddar is thick and course and has its foundation in strong cotton fibres which makes it a very warm fabric, yet not suffocating at the same time, which is suitable during the chilly days of the winter season. Their dresses are very versatile and can be worn casually or as formal wear.

Hence, this fall, Mahay Winter Collection by Sana Safinaz is all about khaddar. Known for taking up luxury lawn another notchin the clothing industry, Sana Safinaz have proved their mettle in a male dominating industry. Being trailblazers for creating the trend of accessorizing outfits with lace inserts, buttons and other details, Sana Safinaz have created a mammoth competition in the fashion arena. And this winter collection by Sana Safinaz is no different.

Luxuryformals holds sale on this collection too. This line up named Mahay consists of khadi shirts teamed with khaddar dupattas and shawls that are printed in varying styles and designs. Some of them are special Sana Safinaz as they are inspired by Mughal and Chintz prints and arrayed with motifs and angular embroidery that make up for outstanding style statements. The color schemes are extraordinary with combinations of creams and yellow and sky blue, bottle green and orange, ferozi blue and many more. Mahay by Sana Safinaz speaks of Pakistani culture, heritage, resilience, and style statement. This collection is very affordable so women should make haste and purchase outfits of their choice as soon as possible from Hoorain.UK at 20% off.

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The end of the year is upon us, and its high time now to renew that closet. Buy dresses online has never been easy as Hoorain Designer Wear, an up-and-coming fashion house, with top brands to its credit, supplies premium Pakistani designer dresses UK, US and worldwide, with just a click. As the winter season advances, Hoorain.UK invites its loyal customers to avail 20% discount it offers on all brands, which lasts for a limited duration. So, tell your mothers, in this case, haste does not make waste.

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