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When it comes to fashion more is not more. Every woman wants to look like a million bucks at all times. As much as fashion is the art of applying design, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and attire, it has become an expression of iconography in recent years. And why not? It’s every woman’s prerogative to create an aesthetic and individualistic expression of their personality and, in a world where constant vigilance is required, belief system. To protect labour rights, to be eco-friendly, to be vigilant and conscientious in workspaces, all of these have shaped women’s minds and personalities and will continue to do so, hopefully, by leaps and bounds. And fashion is the symbol of that emancipation. And when talking about fashion with a hint of freedom that is modern and minimalist the case in point is Sobia Nazir Print Fall Edit Collection. Premium fashion house keeps this urban collection come this fall. They are just the right blend to bear the sunny yet cool breezes of the outdoors that are reminiscent of a perfect autumn holiday.

Print Fall Edit Collection

Urban Chic

This particular number is hued in camel tones. The shirt is of linen and in the style of a long loose jacket with its neckline embroidered in red with florals. The bottom half of the shirt is printed and decorated in florals. The jacket is tied at the waist with an embroidered and tasseled band. The full-length sleeves are also embroidered and printed in bands. The trousers are dyed in linen and the entire to-die-for ensemble is teamed up with a red printed linen shawl. This number is not going to stay on the racks for much longer because not only it’s splendid, it’s affordable to boot. Shop Sobia Nazir Print Fall Edit Collection from and be the first to be a knock-out in the fall.

This cool lilac attire contrasts with the sweet orange tones of autumn’s glory. This outfit features prints of motifs inspired by nature that are soothing to the eye. The neckline of the linen shirt is decorated with elaborate embroidery in dusky pink tones and so is the bottom half of the shirt. The entirety of the shirt is printed in whites and printed in deep red at the sides. The trousers are of linen and are dyed. The ensemble is paired with a printed shawl in white designs. At you can avail yourself of this pretty edit at cheap prices. Just shop Sobia Nazir Print Fall Edit Collection and feel the cool breeze of autumn while making a fashion statement with the best of the best.


Autumn Fashion Glory

Attraction as at its peak here where the colors are in sync with the tones of the fall. Hued in sour oranges and black, this outfit of linen is printed in fauna and other designs. The borders are embroidered in the same hues. The shawl is made of linen, printed and is laced. The trousers are of linen and are dyed. houses this sumptuous collection that will elevate your wardrobe. Shop Sobia Nazir Print Fall Edit Collection for the fall as it will strike a balance of serenity and excitement in the glorious season.


At, a mustard green number if found which is just the thing for you when you want to feel the illusion of warmth in the nippy season. The neckline of the jacketed printed linen shirt is beautifully embroidered in mustard yellow tones in florals and surrounded by white lace patch that extends to armholes. The borders of the jacket are laced. The shawl is of linen and orange, cream and brown toned, and is printed. The gorgeous ensemble is paired with dyed linen trousers. prides itself in being the house of famous and premium brands and supplies them to Pakistan, UK and other countries at very reasonable prices. It does not compromise on quality and holds customer loyalty at the highest level. Shop away at to avail yourselves of this amazing collection.

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