Premium Quality Ladies dresses in USA and UK

The typical Pakistani women costumers’ notices buttons beads embroidery, the texture and type of fabric on, and if they are very conscious about their dress quality then they deeply check the design aesthetics and styling as a whole when shopping for Premium Quality Ladies dresses in USA and UK.

However, if quality is your foremost grid to analyse the product and brand itself, then the stitching is a relatively subtle area that requires special attention and care either you order for Pakistani dresses in quantity or a single pcs article.

Why Good Stitching is Important?

Good Stitching is an important factor to consider when orders best quality women’s clothing brands online in UK, USA and Pakistan. And we at Hooraindesignerwear are choosing the best possible stitching methodology to make our product highly premium and quality wise the best in the market of Premium Quality Ladies dresses in USA and UK. And can profoundly say, yes we are the leading in this fashion industry if quality matters.

Let me take you to the journey of Quality grids that how we work:

1): Identifying the Material

High-quality clothing is frequently made of natural fibres. This is because natural fibres can occasionally last longer while also costing more. Given that we are dealing with the Pakistani brand industry, the designers of some collections of women’s clothing do adhere to the quality standards of the fabric fibres. In addition, in order to produce high-quality clothing, we at HoorainUK make sure that the brands we work with provide us with the finest wool, cotton, cashmere, and silk. We usually don’t use cheap fabrics because they are less in quality and spending money on that garment which gives you cheap look after just a few uses is the worst possible situation. And we as a stitching brand are very conscious about the materials we use as a fabric, so our brand name stands out of the crowd due to quality standards we applied.

Hoorain Designer Wear

2): Seams and Accessories Quality Examination

The materials of a dress’s threads, buttons, and other accessories can tell you a lot about its quality. A garment’s low cost can be determined by its use of plastic components or inexpensive materials. If your clothes are made of high-quality materials, they will last longer. You can likewise really look at this detail by verifying whether a shirt matches the encompassing material on the front and back of the shirt. This is a subtle indicator of high quality in Pakistani clothing. Because matching patterns like stripes or plaids at the seams requires more time and fabric, and the same holds true when embellishing a product, regardless of the amount of material used to give it shape.

Numerous manufacturers of low-quality clothing skip this step. Even though mismatched threads or cheap material won’t make a garment look cheap, it could mean that the clothing brand that provides stitching services has also cut corners in other areas of design or construction to control costs and, in the end, cut quality. Hooraindesignerwear also uses the highest-quality thread, beads, buttons, laces, and stones when it’s a matter of high quality Pakistani ladies clothing because we need to be known as the best stitching brand in town. We seriously can’t compromise on that.

3): Facing and Hemming of Dresses

It is more likely that clothing will unravel or appear sloppy if it has “raw” hems that have not been sewn or “finished” with additional fabric. Without finishing the hem, which requires additional time and material, fast fashion manufacturers frequently simply cut the ends of skirts or pants. A garment’s hem is more likely to last without fraying if it appears folded over and sewn. But at hooraindesignerwear, we use silk or dress-like fabrics to finish it off with nice hems and facing. The extra material we sew along seams is called facing. To complete the look, they are frequently used around zippers and necklines to give high quality Pakistani women’s clothing in UK.


Because exposed zippers are more likely to catch on fabric or become jammed with debris, we use zippers that are protected by a fabric placket. While many manufacturers use exposed zippers because they are less expensive and easier to work with, most manufacturers use high-quality zippers to give their products a polished appearance.

2:-Over locking and Collar Tags

We use Hooraindesignerwear collar tags because the brand gives us unstitched fabric and no collar tags. At a minimum, you should make sure the collar tag says what kind of stitching services you’re getting.

Using same fabric coloured threads to cover the unfinished edgings with thread over lock is the final step in finishing the dress.

4): Final Quality Evaluation:

One of the best signs that a dress is of high quality is good stitching. If the stitching is poor, it probably was made with cheap materials and was made cheaply. During the final inspection, we look for a significant number of flaws to ensure that the dress can be shipped to the customer with a premium-quality product tag and that it retains its shape when stretched. Hooraindesignerwear Fabrics used in high-quality clothing typically exhibit high “recovery,” or the ability to recover their shape after being stretched or used. Therefore, we typically examine the following for this analysis.

  • Pieces and buttons that are firmly sewn into the fabric.
    • Hem work that is finished to the hilt
    • Additional top sewing
    • Missing stitches
    • Loose stitches
    • Crooked lines or seams
    • Fabric patterns that do not line up with seams
    • Missing Embroideries
    • Staining
    • Colour bleeding

Hoorain Designer Wear is a name of Quality & Trust:

Hooraindesignerwear, as a brand, have faith in the long-term viability of our products, we are more likely to provide customers with a quality guarantee or warranty. It makes no sense for us to say that our products will be of the highest quality but only deliver the worst. As a result, we guarantee that the dress you buy will last a long time with a reasonable warranty. Don’t forget to buy from Hooraindesignerwear if you really want to be sure that your money is safe because we are known for quality trust and durability in the Pakistani fashion and sewing industry.

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