Meet Pakistani Viral girl Ayesha in Green Outfit – Mera Dil ye Pukare Aaja

Viral dance Girl Ayesha

“Mera Dil ye Pukare Aaja,” a song from the 1954 movie “Nagin,” sung by Lata Mangeshkar has been reworked into one of the most popular dance songs of recent times and went viral on the internet like wildfire when a Pakistani girl named Ayesha danced on the wedding floor of her friends’ Mehndi event with exceptional moves while wearing Pakistani designer wear in green organza. This song made her a border-crossing viral sensation with several million views in no time.

Dancers, singers, and even businesses use TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms these days and find them useful for their growth.

Why Fashion is Important

But being a fashionist and creative director in the field I don’t think so that you can dig out fashion aesthetics from all these mentioned art works, you won’t be able to boost your work in any art field or social media because these fields are pure art subjects and fashion is also a part of them. There is no other perspective than that if we assert that fashion is the foundation of everything.

Who is Viral Girl Ayesha:

The Pakistani TikTok girl Ayesha’s dance video made headlines just a few days ago.. These social media platforms are talent hunters and boosting people in their own fields. She was seen dancing to “Mera Dil Ye Pukaray Aaja” and her short dance video and her one of a kind manoeuvres’ shot her to popularity in short-term. Whether it was the result of skilful dancing or just good luck. Additionally, others have been so captivated by the dance reel that they have conducted research into its history. Even cross the border in India people praised her and danced her song number like Asmita Gupta, Katrina Kaif.

Even in Pakistan, a man made his own parody of the song “Mera Dil ye Pukare Aaja,” and just a few days after the video of ayesha viral, he too has gained popularity.

Viral Girl Ayesha on set of Nida Yasir:

Then we can see at ARYDigital morning show, Good Morning Pakistan Host Nida Yasir invited the viral dance girl to her show and endorsed her performance in live show and acknowledge her sense of fashion makeup dress and personality. It was beautiful and adoring for a young 18 year old viral girl.

In fact the Netizens adored her grace, self-assurance, and ability to execute the choreography flawlessly.

Why Fashion Sense is Important:

But do we think, its possible without looking good, Absolutely Not. As Fashion is our main to focus on, so we discuss Ayesha and her fashion sense which made her viral celebrity overnight.

In the past fashion was only the realm of the wealthy, celebrities, and royalty. However, the common man, particularly the young boys and girls who can now afford fashion in real cost-effective manner.  Fashion is a nonverbal way to communicate a person’s personality, background, and sense of style. So “Ayesha The dance girl” used it perfectly in makeup, dress colour, and hair style.

Viral Girl Ayesha Dress Colour Green:

If we talk about dress fashion, it’s really an evolution of ideas that begins as a fad and evolves into a style that is accepted by society as a way of dressing. Glamour is typically associated with fashion. People feel brave and confident as a result. So here we can see the example of Ayesha who looks extraordinarily confident and strong in her performance and that’s the thing which made her a real internet sensation in just few hours after release of video.  So she freely expressed herself while wearing green dress which stands out as a fashion statement.

Green as a fashion statement:

Everything around you in nature is green. It symbolizes in America success and wealth. People will be drawn to your laid-back, natural style. Even if you don’t wear green clothing or only use green accessories, you will still convey a sense of freshness and tranquillity to others. The colour green is also associated with peace and happiness.

Viral Girl Ayesha Dressing Style:

Even though Ayesha wore a loose kurta-style shirt, people adored her while she was making dance moves because it was more flowy and gorgeous. Ayesha’s green dress, which is made of organza and has embroidery, and her Capri pants are beautiful.

Hoorain Designer Wear:

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