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The Nikkah is the Islamic marriage ceremony in which the Muslim couple, in the presence of an imam and at least two witnesses, signs the marriage contract to formally ratify their union in the sight of Allah.

In Pakistan, Nikkah ceremonies are held in mosques or at the bride’s house. Depending on the family values and traditions, this event can become very simple or quite glamorous as people tend to mix Islamic, Western, and Indian traditions.

Pakistani Nikkah Outfits Ladies UK

For Pakistani women living in the UK, the US, and Europe, dressing appropriately for a Nikkah is crucial. Therefore, make an effort to dress modestly for Nikkah in accordance with Islamic law and norms, and Pakistani culture also places a strong premium on modest and appropriate attire. In order to dress in Pakistani simply Nikkah outfits online UK for Nikkah ceremonies. Pakistani women in the UK, the US, or Europe tend to select Nikkah clothes that are mostly white, ivory, off-white, gold, or cream in hue.

 pakistani nikkah outfitsin uk

Let’s Discuss Pakistani traditional Nikkah outfits online UK. Nikkah dress colours and Nikkah outfit ideas in different styles of Pakistani fashion.

Gold and Ivory Outfits for Nikkah

This serves as an example of typical Nikkah garb. Nikkah looks stunning in her white and gold clothing. This outfit can be worn as a Lehnga Choli and Shalwar Kameez, with the Lehnga being embroidered or made of organza cloth, and the shalwar being a pair of dull gold Jamawar pants. With appealing jamawar-patterned lehenga and shirt finishing, or with dupatta edging or finishing.

Gold and ivory outfits for nikkah

Pakistani women can wear this color scheme as a golden shirt with a mix of Gharars. Shararas or Lehngas that have lovely hangings at the margins of the dupatta and kiran lace work on the pallus.

White Shade Nikkah Outfits

In many Muslim communities, white, off-white or cream is a common choice for theme colours, especially during Nikkah ceremonies. UK and the US, ladies commonly opt to wear white off-white, and cream on their wedding day with a rich crimson dupatta. Which emphasizes their attractiveness and gaze. In the UK and the USA, Pakistani women are extremely drawn to the color white as an outfit and employ it in styles such as long shirts worn with farshi ghararas, shirts worn with shararas, and shalwar kameez.

White shade nikkah outfit

Lehnga Choli as a Nikkah Outfit

Lehnga Choli is also a very popular choice for Nikkah clothing. While Pakistani women occasionally pick lehngas with long blouses that conceal their midriff. They frequently opt to wear white, gold, or cream to Nikkah Ceremonies in the form of ghararas, shirts with shararas, and shalwar kameez. This is a traditional Nikkah dress, and it is lacking without gota kinari or dupattas with gold lace. Chatta patis, kinari laces, and golden charma are features that are seen on all Nikkah gowns. Georgette or jamawars with golden and white patterns work well for these dresses.

Lehnga choli

Peshwas Nikkah outfits Pakistani

Peshwas is a stylish, traditional outfit worn at Pakistan weddings, especially at Nikkah ceremonies. They look stunning in gold, dull gold, and ivory shades. Beautifully Captivated With Tilla, Sequins, Beads, Pipes, Naqshi, Crystals, and Pearls Skin Gold Peshwas. A Banarsi Tassel Detailing Shawl is worn with this outfit to complete the Pakistani fashion look.


An Anarkali dress for Nikkah

Personifying elegant elegance with a touch of grandiosity and expertly constructed Anarkali frocks are a must-have dress for Nikkah ceremonies. These ensembles are mostly made of intricate geometric embroidered patterns and a heavily embroidered bottom with kora, dabka, pearl, and sequin work in shades of cream gold and antique. Additionally, the clothes look stunning with mukesh embroidery and bright threadwork. And if it’s paired with an ivory dupatta that has zardozi work around the edges and sequins sprayed all over it to complete the aesthetic. Then this is an item of beauty to adore.


What is the Angrakha fashion for Nikkah?

Angara, which are fashioned as outer robes with long sleeves for weddings in Pakistan, is inspired by Mughal traditions. Jamdani, brocade, silk, velvet, and other materials are used to make Bangrak. It could be plain or lavishly embroidered, especially with zardozi and Chikankari. Ladies wear this dress with heavy jewellery and tassel embellishments with churidars or occasionally with shararas and lehngas at Pakistani weddings.


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