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What are the traditions of a Pakistani Wedding?

Pakistani Women in UK will typically congregate in the bride’s home at night of Mehndi to sing and dance while being accompanied by various percussion instruments many days or even weeks before the actual Pakistani wedding day. The Rasm-e-Heena/Mehndi ceremony is frequently coupled with this one, which has been condensed into a single night of singing. Now Just one click away Pakistani Mehndi outfits online UK available at Hooraindesignerwear.

What is Rasm-e-Henna/Mehndi?

One of the most significant events in Pakistani wedding wear in the UK is the Henna / Mehndi party, at which the bride gets Mehndi. Henna/Mehndi, a dye made from the Lawsonia inermis plant that is blended into a paste form and applied on the hands of the bride and groom, is the inspiration for the rite known as Rasm-e-Mehndi/Henna or Mehndi.

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Is Mehndi a Religious or Cultural practice?

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form that is popular in Sub Continent. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and sporadically Afghanistan. It is mainly used for Sikh, Muslim, and Hindu brides during wedding ceremonies.

As Mehndi is a cultural norm in the subcontinent so it has nothing to do with Islam. In Islam the rituals which are not authenticated by the Prophet(PBUH) are prohibited to perform but Muslims of Pakistan and India performs this as cultural event of Subcontinent on basis of the mythology that it brings Barkah and take the evils off.

Mehndi Outfits Pakistani Bridal UK

For the Henna/Mehndi ceremony, the Pakistani brides in UK, USA and Pakistan typically wears Pakistani Mehndi outfits online UK, a yellow or green dress or one that is yellow or orange and wears minimal to no makeup. The colour yellow or green is used most frequently throughout the Pakistani mehandi ceremonies.

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Colour should we wear at the Pakistani Mehndi Ceremony UK

The yellow colour is the bride’s favourite colour when compared to all the others and as per Pakistani Designers this is the traditional colour for Mehndi ceremonies all over the Pakistan or Pakistani communities around the globe. The yellow colour is unquestionably quite brilliant for a mehendi ceremony. With this shade of clothing, the bride’s mehandi hands look even more stunning.

Mehndi Outfits for Guests Uk

Typically, Close family female members also wears the same colour outfits and advances the bride towards the stage where the ceremony has to be happened under cover of a beautifully adorned dopatta which is normally yellow and red fancy and luxury bridal dopatta.

Mehndi Outfits for Guests

What to Wear to a Pakistani Mehndi Ceremony?

There are many outfits to wear on Pakistani Mehndi event. Normally Pakistani Ladies in UK wears short yellow or green chiffon, velvet, organza or net luxury embroidered shirts with contrast ghararas , shararas and lehngas. But These days there are many other colours and styles are in demand like shirts with plazos or long shirt style jackets or angrakhas.

Saree Wedding Outfit UK

Saree is also getting common in Pakistani Mehndi functions. When you drape them in the seedha pallu manner and feel confident carrying them, net sarees or stylish half-and-half sarees are good choices. For brides and bridesmaids, ready-made sarees are also acceptable attire for the sangeet and mehndi ceremonies. Mehndi dance events are a perfect place for lehenga suits and peplum lehenga cholis.

Sarees are becoming a go-to option for brides for their many important events, including weddings, due to the trend of personal gatherings. Saree mehendi attire has also grown in popularity.

Buy Pakistani Designer Mehndi Dresses Online UK

Mehndi dresses are among the most popular wedding outfits. Pakistani brides and bridemaids should seem exquisite and have a classic style in their bridal mehendi dresses. At HoorainDesignerWear , wedding dresses or Mehndi outfits are created with embellishments for the mehendi ceremony. Our Pakistani Mehndi Dresses in Uk should be your top priority due to our distinctive designs and gorgeous colour combinations. Bridesmaid Mehndi Outfits are also offered and can be tailored to suit each individual’s preferences. Elegant Mehndi Dresses by Pakistani Designers with gota, embroidery, dabka, and nagh are stocked in with us at You can get chic long dresses, ghararas, and lehengas for mehndi ceremonies in a variety of hues. The fabrics utilised are jamawar, chiffon, Velvet, Luxury Net and organza.

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