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Nilofer Shahid, a pioneer of haute couture in Pakistan, has captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide over the past three decades with her creative talent of a genuine maestro. As she opens the door to the history of the subcontinent through her extensive collections, she serves as an ambassador for the rich traditions of her nation. Her classical ensembles are a true imprint of the past, as evidenced by her label, Meeras, which means heritage. The Lahore-born designer is Pakistan’s greatest fashion legacy, with her exquisite designs serving as a physical manifestation of her own spiritual revelation of God’s pervasive presence. Shop Now Nilofer shahid Luxury Lawn 2023 online UK.

Many accolades and awards have been bestowed upon Nilofer Shahid both domestically and abroad. In honour of Nilofer’s significant achievements to art and culture, the French government bestowed upon her their highest civilian honour, “Grade de Chevalier” in the Order of Arts & Letters, in 2013. She is the only designer from Pakistan to have received the honour.

Nilofer Shahid Clothing

By experimenting with shapes and silhouettes, Nilofer Shahid continues to redefine elegance and style with nilofer shahid ready to wear, formals and bridals. She never relinquishes her leadership position and keeps raising the bar. She truly is the “Runway Empress of Pakistan,” without a doubt.

Nilofer Shahid Collection 2023 lawn

Hoorain designer wear first time ever is launching Nilofer Shahid The grand Celebration Luxury Lawn 2023 online UK for pakistani women and girls in UK USA and overseas. Each work of art in this beautiful collection and This beautiful Summer lawn collection has so much to tell. Lets discuss each design of Nilofer Shahid Luxury Summer 2023 in detail.

Heaven’s Mist

Presenting Heaven’s Mist, a magnificent outfit that will make you look and feel like royalty and was inspired by Nilofer Shahid’s legendary Central Asian collection! Your breath will be taken away by the beautiful embroidery on this lovely pastel blue dress. Nilofer shahid Luxury Lawn 2023 online UK. This dress is ideal for expressing your inner goddess because of its lovely features and romantic style.

heavens mist

Angels Breath

Each work of art tells a different tale, but “Angels Breath,” which was inspired by Nilofer Shahid’s famous collection on The Two Great Empresses NurJehan & Josephine, is a genuinely magical experience. This lovely outfit, which is created from the softest of Lilacs and decorated with stunning floral embroidery, is ideal for contemporary women who want to exude elegance. A stunning silk Dupatta with a beautiful floral pattern that perfectly expresses the majesty of the genuine NS Spirit serves as a stunning accent.

angels breath

Divine Light

Nilofer proudly introduces Divine Light, which draws inspiration from her renowned “The Chughtai Collection” collection. This ensemble is notable for being the epitome of sophistication and luxury. It was expertly constructed with exquisite flower embroidery that accurately represents Chughtai’s paintings to create a significant work of art. The rich Rose pink Silk Dupatta gives the complete NS appearance a mysterious charm. Bask in the glorious light of this amazing NS creation and experience its appeal!

divine light


Presenting Mademoiselle, a unique fusion of two cultures inspired by the legendary “Nur Jehan & Josephine” collection by Nilofer Shahid. The two major feminine forces are woven into an unparalleled tapestry in this masterwork. This dress, which is made of an unusual red colour with embroidery, is definitely eye-catching.


Crystal Maiden

We present the CRYSTAL MAIDEN, a magnificent fusion of grace, femininity, and elegance. This combination, which exudes the atmosphere of the heavenly Madonna lilies, represents innocence and renewal. made from the finest jacquard and embroidered with the most exquisite floral designs. Each event will be elevated and captured by this stunning ensemble. With its exquisite craftsmanship and fine details. A woman’s outfit must include CRYSTAL MAIDEN.

crystal maiden


A chic, sophisticated style calls for Alyana by Nilofer Shahid. This stunning fuchsia dress has a deep teal patterned Dupatta with exotic flowery foliage and is embellished with old European patterns. A wonderful spell-binding Aura is truly created by the classic style and meticulous details.


Melody of Life

The focal point of this stunning combination is a gorgeous Auburn canvas that Nilofer Shahid personally chose. Stunning floral embroidery and silk dupatta with a Royal Turquoise Aqua design add to the ensemble’s beauty. Melody of Life is a wonderfully magnificent work of art, especially with the magnificent Tilla sleeves embellishments that set them distinct!

melody of life


Use Enchanting to convey a sense of grandeur and elegance. Using her signature work, the tree of life, which depicts many of God’s blessings, as inspiration, Nilofer Shahid offers a gorgeous collection of glorious flora and animal embroidery pieces. The elaborate intricacies, plush materials, and brilliant colour of this dress will make you feel and look like a goddess.



Nilofer Shahid’s most recent masterpiece, “Rose,” which was inspired by her legendary collection, “NurJehan & Josephine,” takes the viewer on a thrilling journey of historical romance. In this gorgeous combination, which comes in a pretty shade of pink and jade and is enhanced with a fusion of printed designs and artistic embroidery, you can exude grandeur and elegance this summer. Be enthralled by “Rose’s” alluring beauty.


Royal Legacy

Nilofer Shahid became thoroughly immersed in Central Asian culture as a result of her passion with discovering the origins of the Mughals. A stunning white colour hand-selected by Nilofer Shahid plays a symphony like no other with a combination of exquisite flower embroidery and delicate paisleys to create sheer opulence. In this stunning and opulent piece of art, the precise detailing and superb craftsmanship will make you feel like a prince.

royal legacy

Where to buy Nilofer Shahid Lawn Collection UK.

Nilofer Shahid dresses are only available from Hoorain Designer Wear in the UK. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop if you want to get something for the upcoming Eid 2023 Nilofer Shahid Luxury Summer 2023 The Grand Celebration since the exclusive Nilofer Shahid Lawn needs time to get into form for the best-stitched attire. Thus, don’t be reluctant to place an order on our website and contact a specialist at +447440739462.

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