Host NIDA Yasir a Physics Student is Current Fashion icon of Pakistan

I Umair Arif actually recall when I entered in Pakistani Fashion and Textile subsequent to doing my degree in physics. There were numerous reasons for this life-altering decision, as I was asked. However, it is an educational taboo in Pakistan that you must begin your career in whatever field you study in school or college. However, life works contrastingly and drags us towards once in a while known at times obscure callings to seek after vocations and that is the fundamental make us proficient in that specific field. I was a former physicist who is now a fashion analyst, blogger, designer, and a textile business owner.

Celebrities with Stem Degrees

Numerous celebrities, including Nida Yasir, Oscar Mariani, Holly Renee, Sushant Singh Rajput, Kirti Sanon, and many others, experienced the same thing as they were also students of physics science and engineering in the past.

Nida Yasir has Honors in Physics

We had no idea that fashion and physics could coexist and inspire one another at first glance. However, Nida Yasir proved us wrong after years of appearing in media and fashion, making it abundantly clear that science and fashion go hand in hand. Nida has also done 2 years study programme in hotel management but Media acting and Fashion is her main.

Good Morning Pakistan

The Nadaniyaan actress and Ary Digital’s good morning Pakistan host Nida Yasir never lets its viewers down. The one-hour morning show displays latest fashion stuff in a manner that we can’t ignore and  this show has gained notoriety over the years because of its cringe worthy content styling and fashion trends.

Very Beautiful Nida Yasir

Nida yasir is a well-known host who is very liberal. She has received two awards for her excellent hosting skills, the first of which was the Pakistan Media Award in 2012 for Best morning show host on Good Morning Pakistan. Her other accomplishment, on the other hand, was winning the 2019 Pakistan Achievement Awards for Best Morning Show Host in Good Morning Pakistan.

Pakistan Fashion Industry

Even though the fashion industry in Pakistan has grown quickly in recent years, we must be fashion-conscious of what we wear, whether it’s western clothing or traditional Pakistani designer clothes, because that is how we present ourselves to the world . I would say that we have always been fashion-conscious people, which are true because fashion is our primary interest,

Fuchsia Magazine Interview with Nida Yasir

And yes Nida yasir is one of those people, and she contributes to our fashion industry by regularly endorsing the most recent fashion styles and trends. And when we inquire about the sources of her design choices and styles, Nida responds in Fuchsia Magazine interview that she likes the colours of every season, but especially those of winter, have always had a significant influence on how she views the world.

Winter Season and Fashion

Winter has, without a doubt, always been a romantic and nostalgic season for fashion industry and its obvious that the colours of autumn and winter, the cool breeze, and the rustling of the leaves can all inspire Pakistani fashion designers while designing the winter outfits and its true that we all fell even more in love with nature because it is so fashionably glamorous and colourful in winters.

Stylish Nida Yasir Dresses:

“Nida yasir usually wears western fusions of traditional Pakistani styles. Her dresses are formal, printed, embroidered, luxurious, and yes, even bridal wear. Her approach to design and styling comes from a variety of angles, depending on her vision and sources of inspiration. However, when it comes to styling herself, she always places an emphasis on both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the product as well as a positive user experience.

Stylish Nida Yasir Dresses

Nida Yasir Dresses in Morning Show

Nida yasir’s dress styling has caught the attention of the fashion industry of Pakistan, which has begun featuring her on Ramp Walks and even endorsing Crimson, Maria B, Asim Jofa, Zara Shahjahan, and Imrozia Premium products on her morning shows.

Nida Yasir Collection

Nida Yasir is a fashion icon for Pakistani women who buy dresses online from the UK, USA, Europe, and Pakistan. In the not-too-distant future, she plans to further develop her design aesthetics and work on her own brand in NYC.

Hoorain designer wear

In addition, we at Hoorain Designer Wear wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours in the Pakistani fashion industry and would love to endorse her brand with her Pakistani dresses on our website.

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