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Offering semi-formal wear, luxury wear, party wear dresses, fancy dresses, and Pakistani bridal dresses collection with extravagant designs, rich embroideries, dazzling embellishments, and excellent color selections has always been the forte of this Pakistani designer, Asim Jofa. His popularity has crossed many boundaries due to bringing tranquility and elegance into modern outfits especially Jaan-e-Adaa Sajal Edit by Asim Jofa with painstakingly done embellishments. He’s also well-known for his philanthropic nature when Pakistan was hit hard by COVID-19, it was Asim Jofa, a famous Pakistani designer who took the initiative of providing (PPE) and set an example for all others.

In the latest festive collection of Asim Jofa known as Jan-e-Adaa in which a well-known Pakistani actress “Sajal Ali” has been featured and we can’t help saying that she’s looking stunning wearing beautiful outfits, having intricate details and vibrant colors. An antique dori work with cupped sequins has definitely come in handy to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the attires.

The hemline of eye-catching magenta shade has painstakingly decked with embroideries with such perfection that amplify the beauty and attractiveness of the ensemble to make you a crowd puller on different occasions of this season.
Chiffon dupatta decked with embroideries to make a perfect match with the elegant outfit can be a feast for the eyes of ladies who have acquaintance with the real art. Jan-e-Adaa can be instrumental for the beautiful ladies who always crave to steal the spotlight by wearing an outfit, having the perfect combination of the latest embellishments. Each and every part of the outfit attests to the seriousness of the designer in setting high benchmarks for the brands working hard to give you chic outfits. Sajal Ali has added serenity to the outfits with her charming appearance.

luxury wear by asim jofa

This latest edition of Asim Jofa has already been able to impress a number of customers. Different hues can be seen with the latest embroideries and delicate designs which make them enthralling and elegant outfits. The creativity and experience of this Pakistani designer are attested by each part of the beautiful Pakistani dresses. For the ladies planning to attend any party and wanting to steal the show, then Jaan-e-Adaa Sajal Edit by Asim Jofa Edit is ready to give you noticeable look by bringing elegance into your appearance.

Jaan-e-Adaa Sajal by Asim Jofa

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Jaan-e-Adaa Sajal Edit by Asim Jofa

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