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Few days come into our lives that deserve to be given more value and attention. Wedding day is among those days. Every bride wants to wear elegant outfits and the Best Wedding Wears on this day so that she can be remembered for good and the impact of her beautiful bridal dress will remain in minds of her relatives and all others for a long time.

Pakistani designers ken the importance of a wedding day that’s why they keep on providing the latest collections for this important day in order to make it unforgettable and memorable.

There are many Pakistani clothing brands who have got popularity for bringing amazingly designed beautiful outfits in every Best Wedding Wears season and due to their offering myriad resplendent bridal wears, they have been acknowledged not only in Pakistan but also from different countries of the world, ladies are hankering to wear their elegant attires.

We are going to discuss a few Pakistani brands whose bridal outfits are highly praised throughout the world.

Sana Safinaz

This Pakistani brand entered the fashion industry in 1989 and since then, it has been able to attract a huge number of customers by providing innovative and dynamic designs. Although it’s all collections are best, when it comes to bridal wear of this brand, they are beyond compare. Providing the latest designs by using high-quality fabrics in order to make your special day more special has always been a specialty of this brand.

hooraindesignerwear | Sana Safinaz

Kora dabka, zari work, and Resham work are a few techniques among many others that are used to give gorgeous shape to the bridal wears of this brand and artisans use their expertise in embellishing outfits by using the aforementioned techniques to make each part of the outfits immaculate.

Silk, net, organza, masoori, chiffon, and many other high-quality fabrics are decorated with shimmering embroideries and prints to make them enthralling in order to give you an attractive look at your wedding day.

You can get your bridal wear ready to wear or unstitched and if you want to get them stitched, they provide you with this offer also.

Maria B

Any parley on wedding wear would be incomplete without taking the name of Maria B, established in 1999. The main aim of this brand was to provide a perfect fusion of eastern and western to Pakistani fashion-conscious ladies and it has been satiating its customers from the very outset. This Pakistani designer brand launches into bridal wear. These outfits come in vibrant and rich hues that are embellished with beautiful embroideries and prints to give you the carte balance of stealing the limelight on your important day.

hooraindesignerwear | Maria B

These bridal outfits are embellished by hand by the experts who have been working in this industry for decades. They give full attention to each and every part of the outfits so that the customers wouldn’t find any glitches. Beautiful baraat dresses are designed in classic red and crimson colors, with gorgeous color combinations to give you the perfect shape. Huge varieties are provided in shararas, lehenga choli, lehenga with long shirts, maxi dresses, ghararas, and other cuts.

If you’re a bride-to-be and looking for beautiful attire to steal the limelight then this brand has been made for you.

Akbar Aslam

After taking the initiative of bringing premium quality fabrics with ethnic styles from a small boutique, Akbar Aslam has been able to get popular at the international level now. This brand is considered god-gifted at amalgamating eastern and western designs in a unique way according to the need of modern women. Akbar Aslam uses precious materials to give perfect shape to its and that’s what makes them integral to be given a chance.

hooraindesignerwear | Akbar Aslam

Bridal wears of this popular brand keep on catching off guard its customers with amazing embellishments and perfect quality fabrics. What makes them more popular is their reasonable prices that provide an opportunity for to every one of getting fashionable and elegant dresses without spending a large amount of money. Bright colors like magenta, blue, purple, gold, and silver are decorated painstakingly so that you can be given the look of a queen on your special day. Exquisite and attractive combination of soft and bright colors with traditional detailing and contemporary designs make these bridal outfits necessary to give you the look of a princess.

The Best Wedding Wears season is in full swing and if you are looking to get a beautiful bridal outfit at affordable prices, this brand is poised to fulfill your wish.

Imrozia premium

hooraindesignerwear | Imrozia premium

Imrozia clothing is another famous Pakistani brand that has been able to make a name for itself on account of its design, quality, affordability, creative embroidery, sequential stick work, and flawless attires. It’s comes with its unique, beautiful, and pristine bridal dresses every wedding season to add more joie de vivre to your special day.
Different materials are perfectly used to embellish high-quality fabrics viz; zardozi, stones, pearls, beads, cut war, applique, etc.

The beautiful bridal outfits of imrozia are perfect for any bride and she can easily grab the attention of the people at her wedding by giving stunning look herself with the outfits having intricate patterns and delicate handwork.

The importance of wedding dress on wedding day can’t be denied and imrozia is au fait with this that’s why this brand works hard to make you cock-a-hoop on your D day.
After being aware of the aforementioned qualities, this brand deserves to be given a special place for its outfits in your wardrobe.

Maryum N Maria

There would be hardly anyone, who follows the Pakistani fashion industry and isn’t aware of this name. Maryum N Maria is one of the popular Pakistani brands and is liked for its own unique designs. From ready-to-wear, unstitched clothing for women to trendy clothes for kids, this clothing brand gives a full package to its customers who wait enthusiastically for the collections of Maryum N Maria clothing.

hooraindesignerwear | Maryum N Maria

Maryum N Maria is also praised for its bridal wears that come at affordable prices so that the beautiful bride can add charm to her appearance without feeling any worry. The bridal wear collections of this brand having lehengas, shararas, maxis, and ghararas are perfectly embellished and embroidered painstakingly.

Myriad fabric types, materials like grip, silk, chiffon, net, etc are decorated immaculately by using different embroidery techniques to provide alluring Pakistani bridal outfits, and what makes these bridal suites of Pakistan famous is the price tags. They provide all these outfits at affordable prices.

If you want to take charisma at a Wedding Wears, you must get an eyeful of beautiful bridal outfits of this brand.


Founded in 2012 in Lahore, suffuse clothing is run by Sana Yasir, a popular designer. Suffuse has gotten popularity for providing stunning, shining, and signature clothing. Best Wedding Wears dresses of Suffuse have attracted huge customers over the past two years on account of their vibrant hues and luxurious textures.

hooraindesignerwear | Suffuse

Silk, Banarsi, Jamawar, Tissue, Net, etc are given perfect attention and embellished without leaving any glitches to provide traditional Pakistani bridal outfits in a modern way so that anyone can add more excitement to her big day of the Wedding Wears. Beautiful embroidery, eye-catching colors, sequences, and ideal cuts add elegancy to make them perfect bridal outfits and these outfits are available in different hues like lime, shocking pink, bright pink, sea green, yellow, and many more. kora dabka, zardozi, Resham, and tilla work are among a few techniques used to decorate the bridal wears of this popular Pakistani brand so that you can be given a flawless outfit.

Spiffy necklines, dainty sleeves, compelling back detailings, eye-catching waist finishings, and other details will make them deserve to be given a chance.

Asim Jofa

Some brands don’t need any introduction, because their names are ample to introduce themselves. Asim Jofa clothing is among those. The bridal collection of this Pakistani popular brand is replete with mesmerizing dresses having intricate designs and glimmering embellishments.

hooraindesignerwear | Asim Jofa

If you are searching for some beautiful outfits for the mehndi function, walima event, or Barat day, Asim Jofa provides what you want. These outfits are available in various hues viz; silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, rustic, etc. From lehengas, shararas, shararas, maxis, and saris to chori dar pajamas, a huge variety is provided with the finest hand embroideries of modern style.

The quality of fabrics is unmatchable, designs are unparalleled and cuts are according to the latest fashion then what do you need? Get your favorite designer outfit.


When it comes to high-quality outfits, Gulaal clothing comes into our minds, found in Lahore but huge fan following in the whole country. This brand is a dab hand at decorating outfits with heavy and luxurious embellishments and elegant embroideries.

hooraindesignerwear | Gulaal

The team of this brand shows their expertise in embellishing outfits with pristine painstakingly done embroideries on high-quality fabrics because they don’t feel satisfied with counterfeit designs that’s why they leave no stone unturned to introduce chic designs. Best Wedding Wears dresses of Gulaal always set a benchmark due to using the latest techniques to bring innovative design ideas because they believe that everyone deserves to look their best.

Bringing delicacy and perfection by making each dress with attention has always been the priority of this Pakistani clothing brand. These designs are on high-quality fabrics, available in various colors. The affordable rates of these bridal outfits are icing on the cake. Gulaal clothing knows the need of modern women like the back of its hand.


If you’re looking for outfits having western designs with a perfect traditional touch then this brand is for you. Established in 2006, Elaan clothing is getting popularity on account of bringing uniqueness to fashion. The bridal outfits are eye-catching. Fabrics of premium quality like velvet, banarsi, masoori, net, silk, and chiffon are adorned perfectly with regal and royal designs that can give you the perfect look of a queen.

hooraindesignerwear | Elan

If you’re looking for breathtaking outfits for your wedding day with fewer embellishments, or want to wear beautiful outfits designed in a modern way, then this brand can be instrumental for you to give you a majestic look.

Elan never compromises on quality, using high-quality fabrics to give you an everlasting dress with the latest embellishments has made this popular among the ladies. Each outfit of them can take your breath away due to its classy designs.

Adan’s Libaas

Few brands come with the quality of bringing premium quality fabrics with the latest designs at affordable prices, Adan’s Libaas is among those and praised for providing the latest designs on high-quality fabrics at affordable prices so that everyone can wear branded outfits easily without playing ducks and drakes.

hooraindesignerwear | Adan's Libaas

Wearing branded bridal outfits used to be a dream due to skyrocketing rates and many women couldn’t afford them, but now it has become possible for every bride-to-be to wear branded outfits at her Wedding Wears without looking at her pocket because Adan’s clothing keeps on providing huge bridal collections with latest designs at minimal prices. These outfits come with the latest and chic embroideries and unparalleled patterns.

These outfits are available in different hues to make the work of selection easy for its customers and get their favorite designer outfits with their favorite color. They give full attention to each part of the dresses and embroidery work is done painstakingly by experts. Compliments can be yours, give chance to this emerging Pakistani clothing brand

Baroque Chantelle

One of the best Pakistani clothing brand, baroque has been serving its customers for many decades by providing huge collections in every season and for every event.
Making females gorgeous with their elegant outfits has always been aimed at this brand. They provide clothes in different colors and sizes for women of all ages.

Baroque Chantelle

Chantelle, a collection of baroque, has luxury chiffon dresses that can come in handy to wear on your Wedding Wears day and give you a gorgeous look. This collection is filled with mesmerizing dresses that will be instrumental and perfect to wear on Engagement, Mayon, Mehndi, and Nikkah. 

Jamawar, net, organza, and satin are among few fabrics embellished wholly to give you arresting look on your big day. Embroideries are done so amazingly in order to make you the center of attraction.
If you want to give yourself a breathtaking appearance, this collection is worth giving a chance.


Crimson, one of the well-reputed Pakistani brands, keeps on collaborating with well-known designers to bring elegant and beautiful outfits. Its collections are available at 110 plus stores located in over 35 cities of Pakistan.
Innovative printing, dyeing, and weaving techniques of this brand are beyond compare and the outfits are given perfect shape that’s why they become trendsetters.

hooraindesignerwear | Crimson

Lawn collections of this brand are embellished with perfection, making them integral to wear during festivities happening in the summer season. Chiffon, net, cotton net, organza, and many other fabrics are decorated with shimmering embroideries in order to provide chic dresses to add elation to your special occasions.

Different embroidery techniques; pastel-colored Maori, ghagra embroidery, handprint, and lace appliqued are crafted with great care to give you your dream dress. The fabrics are unmatchable and that’s what makes them more popular.

There are many other options are available for you of this popular brand of Pakistan. You need to flip through their collections and get your favorite Pakistani designer outfit.


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