Hania Aamir is the Perfect Bridal Face for Pakistan Fashion Industry

The Beauty and The Beast

Hania Amir, a Titli girl in the adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast, instantly captures your heart with her stunning dimpled smile. She has been nominated for every award show, and there is no doubt that she has excelled and prepared herself to win a few of them, such as Hania Amir is the Perfect Bridal and the Hum Style Awards for best stylish actress and best television sensation female.

I Mean How Pretty She is?

Hania Amir, In her short career, her acting abilities and beauty have always been the talk of the town, and Urfi Javed from India recently referred to her as “How Pretty She is.” And that’s been answered by Hania as “ Thank you Lovely”. Ahhh ….Cute answer.

Hania Bridal Face

Hania Amir Instagram Celebrity to rising Cinema Star

Hania paved the way for her success in drama, film, and even in Pakistani Bridal and Modelling shoots throughout her career. No one could have ever imagined that this pretty woman could have millions of fans on instagram and social media, rise to prominence in the media thanks to social media, and become a famous star in a short amount of time. And I still remember how stunning she was in Janaan when she played Palwasha, a role that was greatly admired by audiences all over the world.

Hania Amir in Bridal Look

She is the preferred model for every other bridal photo shoot because of her stunning personality and radiant smile. This gorgeous showbiz celebrity’s greatest strength is her radiant beauty in pastels, and she looks stunning with minimal makeup and clothing.

Hania Amir New Bridal Shoot

We at hooraindeignerwear.com are always keep an eye on her latest bridal looks and once again she has outdone herself in a photo shoot, and we adore her as a bride in those Pakistani bridal dresses.

Hania Amir recently shared a picture from her most recent photo shoot on instagram. She is a sight to behold, wearing a golden bridal with bold brown lips and wavy hairs. Her figure is flattering in the cut of the dress, and a bride like her will undoubtedly be a show-stopper.

Hania Amir Latest Bridal Shoot

Hania is the new face of Faiza Saqlain’s newest bridal line, and as a Nikkah bride, she looks absolutely stunning. Hania looks dazzling with a champagne Coloured outfit that has multifaceted weaving. Her makeup and hair are subtle, and her traditional jewelry perfectly completes the bridal look. Hania has always been an inspiration for the young girls and brides to be  all over the world and gives them idea  how to look fantastical on their Nikkah Ceremonies.

Latest Bridal Shoot

Beautiful Photo Shoot of Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir

In Maha Wajahat shoot Ranjhana, We can see that Hania Amir is the Perfect Bridal and Farhan Saeed shooting together as bridal couple . In their viral photos, Farhan Saeed is wearing a kurta that is similar in colour to Hania Aamir’s gharara dress which makes her to look like a princess. In addition, it appears from this photo shoot that these two are the newlyweds and are blushing during the shoot. So the romantic chemistry of Mere Humsafar couple was recreated as showcased in shoot of Ranjhana and it was beautiful and cute. So we can see cutness was overloaded on Hania Amir while the shoot was being done.

Crimson Wedding Formals 2022

At Hoorain Designer Wear, we can see that she is seen everywhere on site either its zainab chottani latest velvet collection or the wedding shoot of Crimson wedding formals 2022. In simple words, Hania Amir is slaying screens as well as hearts due to her presence in the media market.

Hania Amir Clothing Style

Because she looks stunningly beautiful and great in every type of clothing either simple clothes and makeup or either bridals and wedding wears. Hania Amir is a perfect bridal face for Pakistan Fashion Industry and so as for Hoorain Designer Wear. 

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