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Many of us do not belong to affluent backgrounds. For instance, as college-going students we are known as penny pinchers. Yet we are also ambitious. We freelance, do odd jobs just for some of that extra cash. Going to college means not wearing a uniform, hence, wearing normal clothes. But who wants normal? We want to wear what is trendy and stylish and enjoy college life to its fullest. And all we can think of is Limelight. Not only does it have the trendiest outfits, but it is also well within the budget, which is what the students want. And the ladies for that matter.  Limelight sparkles like the Kohinoor surrounded by other diamonds and gems. And so come this fall, celebrate the balmy sun and cool gusts of wind with Formals Collection Fall by LimeLight. Buy Formals Collection Fall by LimeLight housed by which is an up-and-coming fashion house that holds famous brands and their premium collections and supplies them in Pakistan, UK, and other countries at reasonable prices especially to women who want Pakistani designer wear.

Pakistani designer wear

Its all Geometry

Organza is a versatile fabric and can be experimented with in multiple ways. This dark plum 3-piece suit is embroidered in angular patterns in contrasting pale gold tones which make the entire ensemble striking. It is also embellished with minimal motifs on the upper shirt. The shirt is in the form of an open jacket which never goes out of style. The dupatta is of plum color printed in gold hues. The attire is consummated with matching dyed trousers. This ensemble is perfect for any festive or formal occasion, and you can relish making your comrades green with envy while you look radiant in plum. Let do that for you when you buy Formals Collection Fall by LimeLight.

What could make autumn more alluring than wearing a contrasting ice-blue number and raising eyebrows? This 3-piece organza suit employs a divine color palette that is irresistible. houses this one-of-a-kind piece which is heavily embroidered in pale hues and embellished with sparkling sequins in intricate designs and patterns. The embroidery and embellishments extend to the full-length sleeves. The dupatta is a canvas in peach color and is embroidered. The trousers are dyed in matching tones.


Minimalistic Florals

This sky-blue number will surely make you steal the spotlight wherever you go. Prim and proper, yet trendy, this 3-piece jacquard suit is not only printed in gold patterns of fauna but also bears patterns of burnt copper embroidery in florals at the neckline and at the bottom of the shirt. The loose full-length sleeves are also embroidered in florals. The dupatta is also embroidered at the borders. And the trousers are dyed in matching tones. This sweet edit is available at So, buy Formals Collection Fall by LimeLight and become a trendsetter.


At you can find this divine number which is hued in gold and mustard. The shirt is a 3-piece jacquard suit embroidered with tilla and zari creating an illusion of masterful imagery. The neckline is embroidered minimally, and the slits are decorated with motifs. Motifs are found on the full-length sleeves. The dupatta is of organza and embroidered in zari. The trousers are dyed in a cream shade. Buy Formals Collection Fall by LimeLight and be a vision for the beholders. wants its customers to luxuriate in the trendiest fashions, especially those who are brand conscious. At affordable prices, high-quality ensembles are available at which makes it a point to manufacture and dispatch these branded outfits in pristine conditions with a view to cater to brand and customer loyalty.

Formals Collection

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