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Its Chaos we live in! There is no constant. As much as that’s ostensible, the fact remains that the style trends of the fashion industry in the 21st century has maintained its hegemony. Pakistan churns out collection every season and it’s an industry that booms and is constantly on the rise. And when talking about these trends, enter Jazmin. Formal by Jazmin is the new rage to look out for the fall 2022. These outfits have extricated delicate craftsmanship by segueing from high drama of summer colors to deep shades of royal hues of cerulean blue, plum, burgundy and vermillion forming incandescent look. But it has not limited to just these hues. Pastels such as mauve, faun, and warm shades are daringly employed to make a rebellious fashion statement. From unstitched to ready to wear, Jazmin’s sartorial elegance is evident in its luxurious gowns made of crushed and plush velvet of block prints paired with cloudy organza dupattas that are digitally printed.

Intricately woven with tilla and dhaaga with prints that are ornamental, and traditional and yet carry contemporary ethos, these formal-wear shout, couture, pose vivid imagery, and are here to stay in your wardrobe. Gowns with heavily embellished sleeves and the torso and hem punctuated with sitaras and sequins here and there create the ultimate dream look that befits a woman. Making fashion statement doesn’t get easier than this.

With Winters approaching, Jazmin has dabbled in creating lush velvet shawls embroidered with tilla and dhaaga and embellished with pearls, stones and sequins. When donned on their own with a monochrome gown, the wearer stands out and becomes a statement herself, and isn’t that what a woman wants?

While some luxury brands roll out collections and collaborations every five minutes, Jazmin rolls out the dice with every turn of the play. Jazmin manages to cater to a clientele with universally flattery designs that are sumptuous. The longevity of the fabrics speaks for themselves. The cuts of these gowns are delicate and feminine and without any artifice. Timelessly elegant, these gowns find novelty in their block prints which are paired with dazzling digitally printed dupattas, and when framed, forms an artsy border to the entire ensemble. Alluring and class apart Jazmin also plays with delicate and luminous lacework for its Pakistani Clientele overseas. Employing warm fabrics such as marina, khaddar and linen, Jazmin has left no stone unturned to cater to its consumers nationally and internationally. These gowns are not your typical run of the mill churn out. These gowns are intricately woven with embellishments such as pearls and sequins, making the wearer resplendent in eternal glamour.

Pakistani Clientele overseas

Jazmin prioritizes in beautifying its ladies and they are all up for it but are they up for the prices? Not to worry! HoorainDesignerWear is with you and has painstakingly economized beloved works of art of all the brands it entails along with keeping its premium quality intact. Since its inception, Hoorain Designer Wear has maintained its philosophy of quality assurance for its customers in the UK and in Pakistan who wish to wear Pakistanidesigneroutfits for various occasions. A one-stop shop, your outfit is just one click away. Hoorain Designer Wear makes sure that you get the right outfit without any hassle. The outfit is checked thoroughly, and the customer updated simultaneously. With a view to avoid any inconvenience to our customers, Hoorain Designer Wear makes sure that they get the outfit they want. Moreover, with the birth of new designers every moment, Hoorain Designer Wear updates its store constantly, providing a cornucopia of brands for its customers to browse from. Along with quality assurance, Hoorain Designer Wear prides itself with prompt delivery and unequivocal feedback.

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