Floraison Bridal Collection Maryum N Maria

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all – Mulan. To bloom with beauty, confidence and elegance is every woman’s divine right. You may think adversity is uncalled for here, but a wedding in a life that is devoid of harmony, and is filled with unpredictability, predicaments, and turmoil, is one such occasion that generates hope and joy.  Floraison Bridal Collection Maryum N Maria is the bridal collection is a brilliant ray of Sunlight that transforms its wearer. Floraison is a French term for bloom. Hence, each piece is made with meticulous attention paid to deserve the word.

Pastels are the word

Sensational and dazzling the Floraison Bridal Collection Maryum N Maria is an assemblage of bespoke bridal gowns that are crafted out of a dream. Nothing short of a fairytale, these gowns are named with utmost care and love. Available at Hoorain.co.uk, this ethereal lavender maxi named Lavender Luster is going to be a smash. The gown is entirely made of organza. Patterns of galaxies are embroidered in pale gold with tilla and taanka. The full and fitted bodice is filled with sinuous embroidery which falls into a spread-out hem with patterns of stars, suns and moons, flora, and fauna. With a grip’s trouser underneath, the gown comes with an organza dupatta that is adorned with a band of heavily embroidered lace and juxtaposed embroidery throughout. The canvas of the dupatta is framed with beaded lace. For ladies who want to wear pastel colors such as lavender as a bridal gown, Lavender Luster is the way to go.

Fairytale Wedding

Floraison Bridal Collection Maryum N Maria housed by Hoorain.net can be browsed, selected, and purchased by searching for wedding dresses online. Bask in silky creams with this piece made of milky organza. A white wedding dress is the new fad in Pakistan and is an eternal hit. This outfit named Ether is ethereal and is decorated with winding embroidery of pale gold and silver tilla and taanka work. The entire outfit flairs out into a gown worthy of a fairytale and is encrusted with creamy pearls and embellished heavily at the bodice and the hem. The ivory color is so captivating that it is perfect for a winter wedding. The dupatta is bordered with a thin band of pale gold and silver embroidered lace and minimal embroidery throughout which complements the heavily embellished gown. The full-length sleeves contain panels of minimal ornamentation. The ensemble comes with a grip’s trouser.

Fairytale Wedding

Traditional Pakistani Designer Wear for Brides

Hoorain.us is just the place where you can get Pakistani designer wear and so this collection is just one click away from you. And you don’t want to leave this gown behind. Leaving the pastels behind, this magnificent number, hued in mustard yellow befits a lioness. Absolutely ravishing and captivating, this outfit is also of organza and is fully ornamented with traditional gold-hued tilla and taanka work. It’s perfect for the ladies who wish to bring a touch of the traditional to their bridal wear. Like the maxis mentioned above, this gown flairs down to a thick patch of decorated lace with cutwork. The organza dupatta is windingly embroidered around the border with a thin band of silver lace. The ensemble is teamed up with a grip’s trouser.

From party wear designer collections to bridal designer collections, Hooraindesignerwear.com houses them all. Cheap Pakistani clothes in the UK are easily available here.  With a view to achieving perfection Hoorain.UK makes sure to deliver the exact outfit that has been ordered without any flaws at affordable prices. For customers in the UK, Pakistan, and overseas, Hoorain.co.uk maintains quality control for brand and customer loyalty.

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