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The season for Pakistani weddings has arrived in UK USA and Pakistan, and the nuptials in 2023 are expected to be absolutely hilarious, much to the enjoyment of everyone who enjoys dressing up to the nines with all of their pals. As there are many activities to enjoy at Pakistani weddings, like Mayoun, Mehndi, Shaadi, and even Maklawa Day, we all need to have a comprehensive wardrobe of various wedding attires. Shop Now Baad e Naubahar Collection by Asim Jofa in UK.

Asim Jofa Wedding Dresses

We’ll start by arguing that there are some amazing Pakistani designers from whom to choose wedding gowns for the aforementioned wedding occasions. There is a big list of designers who create this, but Asim Jofa is the one we are focusing on today. He creates stunning wedding attire that you shouldn’t miss in any way.

Asim Jofa Clothing UK

Additionally, if you want to buy Pakistani Asim Jofa bridal or formal attires for your Pakistani wedding in UK or USA. Remember that you and your guests are in good hands since Asim Jofa’s wedding editions feature every type of dress colours and styles, including peshwas, angrakhas, maxis, open jackets, and lehngas in both the formal and bridal selections.

Asim jofa clothing uk

Asim Jofa Baad-e-Naubahar Collection UK

Asim Jofa’s most recent wedding collection, Baad-e-Naubahar, chiffon and raw silk collection was exquisitely designed by the designer himself. He used all of his ingenuity to make the dresses and gave them lovely long peshwas styles. Find the perfect dress for this Pakistani wedding season by scrolling through this lovely wedding collection.

Asim Jofa New Arrival Online Uk

Let’s discuss Latest Asim Jofa Baad-e-Naubahar designs in detail

Forest Green Angrakha

A traditional Angrakha Frock in forest green features a lovely design pattern embellished with sequins, zari, and Resham. Gorgeous purple and green fusion produce opulent apparel for any event. The elegance and beauty of this timeless design are enhanced by the long sleeves and richly decorated jaal. It’s completely embellished, with thick borders going along the hemline. It is worn with a gorgeous lehnga that has little ornamental motifs all over and sparkling, contemporary decorations on the hemline. It also includes a dupatta with heavily decorated borders on all four sides and diagonal lines filled with tiny motifs. This glittering angrakha is unquestionably a contemporary classic.

Forest green angrakha

Navy Blue Peshwas

Navy blue Peshwas is a magnificent work of art that captures everyone’s attention right away with its grace and charm. Peshwas is enriched with multicoloured, intricate embroidery that incorporates modern trends like sequins and zari. It is a classic example of traditional clothing that transitions into glam-filled formal wear. It flared out into a voluminous gathered kalidaar and had complex unbent motifs on the bodice and sleeves. Hot Pink dupatta gives this Peshwas’ radiance of warmth just the proper amount of drama. The addition of figurative needlework highlights the dupatta’s beautiful appeal and was inspired by Mughal miniatures. A garment that combines mystery and elegance is more seductive than actual beauty.

Navy blue peshwas

Red Colour Peshwas

This Peshwas has a distinctive carnelian red color that stands out at first glance. The dress is made of fine chiffon and is embellished with incredibly detailed embroidery, sequins, and Resham. The hemline’s delicate and skilled workmanship and its ethereal boundaries further enchant the viewers. It is accompanied by silk pants in premium color and fabric that match. To complete the Peshwas’ overall regal appearance, a gigantic yet lovely chiffon dupatta in a shade of carnelian crimson is worn with it. The dupatta has fashionable decorations along with elaborate threadwork. The borders and pallus of this dress also feature lovely work and delicate artistry, adding to its luxurious features. It has a double chiffon dupatta with a sequin spray that may be worn in two different ways. The subdued craftsmanship of Resham and sequins demonstrates how simplicity will continue to rule.

Red colour peshwas

Mustard Long Shirt

This gorgeous long, straight shirt is lustrous, lush, and lavish, with a magnificent front and exceptional embroidery emphasized by large, sparkly borders at the hem. The vibrant combination of rani pink and Feroz is enhanced by gold zari, sequins, and sequins with gold ornate borders. The mustard tone has a golden color. This suit is made of high-quality silk and has a luxuriously flowy and regal drape. It also includes a contrast fuchsia dupatta that is accented all over with gold embroidery and has lovely four-side borders. A treasured item that you will keep for years.

Mustard long shirt

Ivory Peshwas

This peshwas offers a new spin on the power shoulder style and has a distinctive design that radiates a sense of strength. On opulent fuchsia silk fabric, ivory net-based peshwas feature architectural arch designs created with chrome applique work and greenery embroidery. This peshwas’ intricately embroidered sleeves and bodice are filled with numerous distinctive motifs that are exquisitely created to make you appear fantastic. Stunning panels with fine embroidery join together to form this heirloom. When combined with a Dupatta, the exquisitely crafted garment takes on a luxurious final appearance to produce a stunning masterpiece. This dupatta’s embellished borders make it the ideal option for many occasions. This couture-like outfit is a collector’s dream and is ageless, classic, and gorgeous.

Ivory peshwas

Bottle Green Peshwas

Increase your level of style with this gorgeous attire! It is a gorgeous outfit with an incredibly exclusive and refined appearance. Fuchsia pink, deep maroon, bottle green, and mustard silk are lavishly contrasted with priceless golden embroidery for decoration. Additionally, the boat neckline with full sleeves and a brilliant gold colour adds beauty to this costume. Sitara Details intends to leave a lasting impression with its magnificent grandeur. It is decorated with a sheer dupatta, and its surface is adorned with glittering jaal, making it the ideal pick that will leave you speechless with its exquisite aesthetic.

Bottle green

Periwinkle Peshwas

Periwinkle Peshwas is a really fashionable outfit that strikes the ideal blend between tradition and elegance. This outfit has a seductive and luxurious appearance because to the flowery designs, threads, and decorated borders with lavish the contrast of multi-colours. It is combined with a coordinating, transparent dupatta to balance the ensemble. The delicate embroidery along the borders on all four sides gives this masterpiece a faultless finish, making it the height of beauty and your top priority for any event.

Periwinkle peshwas

Burnt Orange

Naimal Khawar makes a bold statement in this extremely traditional outfit, which is rendered on burnt orange chiffon and made into a loose 10-kali-long kurta. Hand-applied contrast at the neckline is accented by embroidered appliqué inserts in panels in vibrant fuchsia and dark bottle green, which give the look some zing. A deep bottle green silk pallus adorned with exquisite stitching elevates a very heavy fuchsia dupatta covered in elaborate designs. This design will undoubtedly become a staple in your holiday wardrobe because it is finished off with a dyed silk trouser that has an embroidered border running along the bottom of their hem.

Burnt orange

Brown Peshwas

Naimal Khawar exudes the appeal of a royal princess while dressed in rich, opulent brown chiffon and huge peshwas. The bulky peshwas is covered with deep teal thread and antique gold zari, which are both emphasised by the liberal use of spangles, giving it an iridescent brilliance. An intricate design of carriages and palm tree motifs decorate the hem, underlined by a contrasting teal border, giving a nod to the classic silhouette of a bygone era. This stunning design is further enhanced by the bodice’s double necklace style, which pays homage to the timeless silhouette of a bygone era. A lavishly heavy one-of-a-kind dupatta is created with a trellis pattern in the centre that spreads into motifs on the sides, is topped by embroidered corners, and is finished with a contrast embroidered border. It includes solid-colour silk pant.

Brown peshwas

Green Peshwas

Gorgeous grassy green peshwas is a great work of art that makes you look stunning on any occasion. Gracefully embellished with zari, sequins, threads, and shimmering embroidery to up the glamour of this attire. The borders of this gorgeous dress are embellished with gleaming jewels and colourful accents in a spectacular contrast of hot pink, gold, and mustard. All four sides of the dupatta include exquisitely crafted borders, with the colourful pallu borders receiving the most attention for their rich embellishment and authentic maharani appearance. Your awe will be captured by this ensemble’s appeal and flawless design.

Green peshwas

Maroon Peshwas

This striking colour is perfect for the holiday season and will definitely draw attention to your event. In this maroon peshwas, Naimal looks very stunning. Peshwas are made of net, and sequins, zari, and colours of gold and copper are lavishly stitched on them. An illusion is created with delicately crafted work done diagonally on the sleeves’ hemlines. Along with Rust, Mint, Maroon, and Teal, the peshwas are rich with embroidery to provide all the drama. To complete the overall design, a lavish gold embroidery border is added to the silk fabric. This regal dress is worn with a chiffon dupatta that features repeating patterns of gorgeous silk patchwork on the kalis and teal and gold embellishments on the borders.

Maroon peshwas

Beige Peshwas

Making a royal impression when wearing this incredible garment, Naimal Khawar kills. This modern peshwas is delicately embroidered on net cloth. Added a touch of sparkle to the dress with sequins and gold zari embellishments that were employed with dazzling thread work in shades of maroon, rust, and dull green. The peshwas is made from fourteen stitched kalis that are heavily embroidered and with maroon appliqué accents. For the enormous flare, a striking embroidered silk border is made regally down the hemline. A maroon chiffon dupatta with a rust border and intricate embroidery is included with the contemporary peshwas.

Beige peshwas

Shop Baad-e-Naubahar Limited Edition

This lovely wedding attire edition Baad e Naubahar Collection by Asim Jofa in UK is available online in the UK from HoorainDesignerWear. For the impending Pakistani wedding season in the UK in January and February, purchase these ensembles right away. Call us at +447440739462 for design advice.

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