Ammara khan Formals Suri Wedding Dresses are Wedding Beauties

Ammara Khan is a high-end best Pakistani designers brands that stands for elegance, splendour, and sophistication through the ages in Pakistan UK and USA. Ammara Khan is one of the top Pakistani designers online UK and its creative director, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Polimoda in Italy with a focus in evening wear and couture. Her philosophy has been the driving force behind the fashion label, which is renowned for its originality, exquisite craftsmanship, and extraordinary attention to detail. Ammara is passionate about coming up with avant-garde designs and has a natural sense of classic style. Shop Now Ammara khan Formals Suri Wedding Dresses.

Amarah Khan Clothing online UK

A lovely ode, Ammara Khan wedding special outfits of Suri collection is outstanding and gorgeous. She explains how the clothes in ammara khan latest wedding collection represent that how she perceives formal and wedding wears in Pakistan. The colour palette consists of darker tones with a sense of mystery and unsolved natural secrets. This lovely bridal ensemble has something to offer everyone.       These beautiful Suri wedding outfits by ammara khan online are meticulously created with fine, careful stitching on alluring fabrics with delicate tulles for Pakistani designer wear lovers of ammara khan ready to wear UK. Our rich textile legacy is perfectly honoured by drama with panache and silhouettes. Over a backdrop of striking and dark colours, a carefully curates array of bridal ensembles in organza and rawsilk are embroidered or decorated. Featuring a combination of intricately hand-worked details, farshi ghararas, scalloped dupattas, and shararas that are both traditional and contemporary. With numerous layers of tulles, beads, and ruffles, artisanal craft that you have never seen before is presented to you. Ammara khan Formals Suri Wedding Dresses. Each and every design is surrounded by ornate borders. Lets Discuss this beautiful ammara khan new collection 2023 in detail.

Deep Love

This deep plum base, a masterful use of colour, is further enhanced by teal green and hot pink accents. This design is covered in heavy, antique-inspired embroidery and features many gold sequins. This is the ideal option for your upcoming wedding or “shendi” occasion because of the front, which is entirely hand decorated. The gorgeous dupatta is a combination of two colours. The sides have a diagonal sequins pattern with rich pallus and elaborate corner designs, while the middle panel is embellished with large, delicate floral motifs. Richly embroidered borders on the flared ezaar pyjama complete the design. Amazing is the best way to describe it, and it’s ideal for evoking maharani sentiments for the contemporary AMMARA KHAN muse who embraces a love of tradition.

deep love

Moonlit Rose

This elegant black and gold work of art by AMMARA KHAN, which oozes old world charm, is the epitome of ageless glamour. A lavishly hand-decorated centre panel, rich side panels, and a flawless ghera tell a story of romance and love songs in a wild garden. To achieve a chatta-patti appearance, the sleeves are completely and elaborately embroidered. The dupatta has intricately embroidered borders on all sides and is covered in beautiful embroidery throughout. The ezaar pyjama is finished with delicate floral embroidery and embellished with tilla, resham, and gold sequins. The classic and distinctive jora is ideal for exuding a regal air. As always, we present you the most renowned and unique designs while maintaining faithful to the classic-contemporary DNA because our heart is in couture-like details.

moonlit rose


This stunning maharani-like pattern, which features a lovely blend of gold, magenta, and deep red, is influenced by AMMARA KHAN’s love of jhaalar themes. This design, which is heavily covered in gold sequins and has a totally hand-beaded bodice, sleeves, and front panels, is ideal for the Nikah bride or for serving as a bridesmaid in a small wedding. A gorgeous baadla dupatta is embellished with hand-cut appliqué pallus and heavily embroidered borders with a chatta-patti look. To complete this gorgeous pair, the sharara pants are also expertly created, featuring fully worked borders and an insert of badla cloth. The ideal choice for our contemporary muse of today, old worldly charm is done to perfection in true AMMARA KHAN flair. Turn around with complete appeal, captivating with each elegant gesture.


Spring Rose

Beautiful use of colour! Fresh and lovely for wedding celebrations in the spring and summer. A front that has been elaborately hand decorated with zardozi work, sparkling sequins and crystals, and tiny scallops to cover the chaak area. Fully worked borders decorate the flared sharara pants, which also have a lavishly embroidered dupatta with a scalloped border all around. Just too wonderful, and you’ll stand out at your next occasion thanks to it.

spring rose

Spring Bounty

A masterpiece of the arts. The passion of blossoms that AMMARA KHAN has for them is evident in this exquisite design. Our Design Director worked nonstop for hours to create this one-of-a-kind design, which is no less than a couture item. This piece is extensively hand decorated with crystals, zardozi, and beads and is covered in gold sequins. The dupatta is precisely crafted utilising orange and hot pink constructed with hand cut laser method and applique work, with an all over border and elaborately embroidered, sequin-laden pallus. The dhaka pyjama is embellished with an ornate border. This artwork is truly wonderful in all its grandeur and a treasure to treasure for many seasons.

spring bounty

Golden Henna

The ideal combination of hot pink, khilta bahaar mustard, and rich mehndi green results in this stunning pattern. Rich sequin work is applied to a beautiful side panel with floral motifs and a lavishly hand-embellished front panel with an appliqué effect. The ghera and dupatta pallu are made beautiful with a totally embroidered pattern. The lavish dupatta and shirt are covered in a linear jaal with chaand-baali motifs and chandi varak/panni embroidery.

golden henna

A hot pink border with heavy embroidery completes the design of the ezaar pyjama. This magnificent, classic design from the AMMARA KHAN Wedding Festive collection will make you stand out in the crowd.

Where to Buy Suri Wedding Formals of Ammara Khan

This lovely wedding wear line for Pakistani women will be introduced by Hoorain Designer Wear in the UK, the US, and Australia. Ammara Khan outfits online uk are only available from us in the UK. Call us at +447440739462 with any questions or concerns.

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